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A delicious recipe: homemade banana marshmallows

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Zephyr is an ideal treat for sweet tooth: Its taste can turn an ordinary tea-drinking into an exquisite delight, and the air texture will make you forget about all the everyday stresses. And, even if you take a little interest in it, you will not have to torture yourself with a tough diet - home marshmallow is not as caloric as its "colleague" from a confectionery store.


  • Sugar - 725 g
  • Fruit puree (banana) - 250 g
  • Agar-agar - 8 - 9 g
  • Vanilla sugar - 10 g
  • Water - 150 ml
  • Egg white - 1 pc.

Cooking method:

  1. Pour the mashed potatoes in a deep container. The industrial or homemade puree should be thick and not very sweet - so it must be boiled in a saucepan to the required consistency so that 250 g of the finished product is obtained. Add the sugar: 20 grams of vanilla and 250 grams of plain, stir

  2. In a large saucepan, dilute agar-agar in water and leave for 10 minutes. Agar-agar can not be replaced with gelatin, pectin or yellowfin

  3. Put the sauté pan on a small fire and bring to a boil

  4. When the mixture begins to appear bubbles, add the remaining 475 g of sugar and cook for about ten minutes - until the appearance of white foam. Thickened syrup should drain a thin "thread" from a spoon

  5. In fruit puree, enter half the protein and whip it quickly with a mixer. Then enter the second half and whisk again. The mixture should increase in volume and become light

  6. Continuing to work as a mixer, introduce into the mixture a cooled syrup, pouring it in a very thin stream

  7. Beat the mass at maximum speed until it becomes snow-white, lush and dense. It should keep the shape well and slowly drain off the "ribbon" from the corolla

  8. Add the food color to the mousse, if desired, lay the parchment on the parchment with a spoon or confectionery bag and leave to freeze for a day

  9. Remove the marshmallow from the parchment, glue the halves together and dip the dessert into the sugar powder. Such a marshmallow can be stored for a long time in a glass container

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