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Jam from pine cones - recipes with photos and videos, good and bad, contraindications - when to collect cones for jam and whether they can be eaten

Unusual jam from green pine cones isUseful sweetness. Its taste is not similar to the standard billets from fruits, berries or flowers. You can cook jam from pine cones using different additives and different photo and video recipes. But before using billet it is necessary to study the peculiarities of its effect on the body. After all, such jam can bring not only good, but also harm. You should carefully read the contraindications for sweets, find out who can eat it, when to collect the ingredients. All this will help to properly use non-standard and tasty jam.

Features of jam from young pine cones - good, harm and contraindications to taking

For many housewives who learned about the unusual jamOf pine cones, the benefit is the most important quality of the product. But before using the preparation, both children and adults need to assess the risk of harm to the body.

Special benefit of jam from pine cones

Maintenance of theImmunity, help in the treatment of colds and SARS. It is also important to have a positive effect on the body's condition, elimination of toxins. Also suitable for jam from pine cones to normalize the work of the stomach. Only having studied all the information on the benefits and harm of jam from pine cones, you can proceed to its responsible use.

Possible harm from taking jam from pine cones - contraindications

Before tasting a new product by a child (inFeatures up to 7 years) you need to give him a small portion of syrup and a small piece of cone. If you do not follow the allergy, and the baby will feel good, then you can give him 1 tablespoon of syrup with half a cone in the morning and in the evening. But there are contraindications for adults and jam from pine cones. If you have hepatitis and have kidney disease, you can not eat it. Also it is not recommended to take jam from pine cones to pregnant and lactating. With extreme caution, it should be used by people over 60 years of age.

Delicious jam from cones of green pine - can you eat bumps and what recipe to cook them

Before you start cooking unusual sweetness, eachThe landlady will be interested in the question of whether it is possible to eat pine cones from jam. You can eat them and need them. They will be quite soft, with a light tartness. The cones will not be bitter at all, but you need to take care of this before cooking and follow the cooking instructions exactly.

Ingredients for making jam from pine cones

  • Pine cones - 1 kg;
  • Sugar - 1 kg;
  • Water - 1 liter.

The recipe for cooking tasty jam from green pine cones

  1. Before cooking, bumps should be thoroughly rinsed,Clear of debris and tails. Next for a day, soak in cold water. This will remove the bitterness. After you need to drain the water and pour a new portion (1 liter). Put on a fire and bring to a boil.

  2. Rising resin and debris need to be removed with a hose. Otherwise, all this will grate on your teeth.

  3. Noise should be wiped: resin with garbage can stick to it.

  4. When the first trash is collected, you can fall asleep sugar. Rising further garbage should continue to clean.

  5. Cooking jam will take 1,5-2 hours.

  6. Resin and rubbish can rise throughout the cooking process, so they should be permanently removed. Boil the cones should be on low heat.

  7. Little by little the color of the syrup will change from completely transparent to light green, and then saturated amber.

  8. When the water becomes reddish, the preform should be poured over sterilized jars. Over time, the jam will darken, and the cones themselves will become softer and sweet.

When to collect cones for jam from pine cones - the conditions for the preparation of ingredients

Getting ready for the original sweetness you needLearn not only what useful jam from pine cones, but also how to pick up ingredients. Housewives should remember that the time of collecting cones for jam differs for different regions (April, June). You need to focus on the weather in your area.

Conditions and time of collecting cones for cooking jam

Collect for cooking you need only green cones. They must be whole, even, without damage or plaque. The pine itself should also look healthy. All this will help make the taste of jam from pine cones unique and amazing. From dense already darkening cones to prepare useful sweetness it does not turn out. In addition, you need to take care of the collection of ingredients in the center of the forest, away from the city, the route. Cones should be torn from the trees: they should not be lifted from the ground.

Unusual jam from green pine cones - recipes with photos and instructions

Prepare a useful jam from green pineCones can not only be with sugar, but also with orange. Such an additive will give sweetness to the original taste. Such a preparation will be more pleasant both for children and for most adults.

Ingredients according to the recipe of jam from pine cones

  • Cones - 700-800 g;
  • Sugar - 1 kg;
  • Crust from 1 large orange;
  • Water - 1 liter.

Photo recipe of cooking jam from green pine cones

  1. Wash the cones, soak in cold water for a day. Change the water and put on fire, collect the first trash and tar. Then add the orange peeled strips, leave on a small fire.

  2. As garbage appears, you need to remove it with a noise.

  3. While the jam is being prepared (the cooking time will take about 1.5 hours), you need to pass the cans with boiling water or hold it over the steam.

  4. Spread the crust and cones on the jars, then pour the syrup.

Features of making jam from pine cones - recipes with video tips

It will be much easier to understand how difficultPrepare jam from pine cones recipes with video tips. The presented instructions will be useful for acquaintance with all nuances of preparation of unusual sweetness.

Video recipes for cooking jam from green pine cones

In the proposed video recipes can be foundUseful information about collecting, cleaning and cooking pine cones. Using simple recommendations, it will not be difficult to prepare a tasty and useful preparation.
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Useful and unusually tasty jam from pineCones can be easily prepared at home using the given photos and video recipes. But before you start to collect cones and cook them, you need to know about the benefits and harms of the main ingredient, contraindications for taking jam. It is also necessary to study when and how to collect pine cones. All this will help to avoid cooking tasteless or unpleasant sweets for your family.
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