/ Jam from rose petals - varieties, good and harm - a simple recipe at home from a tea rose from Alla Kovalchuk

Jam from the petals of roses - varieties, benefit and harm - a simple recipe at home from the tea rose from Alla Kovalchuk

Very tasty and sweet jam from rose petalsCan be prepared from different varieties. For example, you can use these simple recipes with photos, video tips from Alla Kovalchuk, make tea jam. And you can take as the main ingredient and other brighter, unusual buds. But before cooking any of the proposed sweets at home, you need to find out what benefit and harm is jam from the rose, how to collect inflorescences.

What kind of rose is suitable for jam - different varieties, their benefits and harm

Before cooking any non-standardJam it is necessary to study all its qualities and features. All this will help to prepare properly for work. In the considered tips you can find important information about the blanks and what sorts of roses for jam are most suitable.

What kind of roses can you make jam?

For the preparation of jam any sorts ofRoses, but you only need to take flowers from your site or buy from the owners, who grow them in their flowerbeds. The most flavorful can be considered tea varieties: they will make the most unusual harvest. But to get a bright jam you can use pink or red buds of other varieties.

Benefits and harm from rose petals jam

Thanks to the inclusion of a large number ofVitamins (groups B, K, PP, C) rose petals allow you to quickly saturate the body with useful elements. Jam from a rose can be used to preserve youth, normalize the functioning of the circulatory system, the gastrointestinal tract. Equally useful is the help in maintaining the tone with daily use of the billet. The only harm that is dangerous is a pink jam, is an allergy. Also it is necessary to exclude the possibility of cooking flowers growing near the trails, industrial facilities. Such petals can be saturated with toxins and are unlikely to benefit the body.

Prepare jam from rose petals at home - prescription with step-by-step photos

Pink jam does not have to bePale. If you take the inflorescence of saturated shades for cooking, then the jam will turn out to be bright. Such petals in the process of cooking give their rich shade of water, thus in banks with sweetness will remain a colorful syrup. Tells about how to prepare a bright jam from roses the recipe specified below.

Ingredients for cooking jam from rose petals at home

  • Buds of roses - 25 large;
  • Sugar - 1 kg;
  • Citric acid - 0.5 tsp;
  • Water - 3 liters.

Step-by-step photo of a recipe for cooking jam from a rose at home

  1. Separate all the petals from the buds and rinse them. Pour water into a saucepan and put on fire, add sugar and citric acid. Pour in the water petals.

  2. As the heat and the boiling process on low fire, the roses will give their color, gradually becoming translucent.

  3. Over time, the amount of water will decrease.

  4. "To digest" roses it is necessary until there will be hardly less than 2 liters of a liquid.

  5. Pour jam over the jars. It will not be too thick, but it will not spread like water.

Aromatic pink jam from petals - a recipe with photo instruction

That pink jam had not onlyAttractive color, but the original fragrance can add to it other flowers. To work with several kinds of inflorescences at once is not difficult: if the instructions are strictly observed, you can easily understand how to make jam from roses and jasmine.

List of ingredients according to the recipe of fragrant pink jam

  • Buds of roses - 10 pcs .;
  • Jasmine flowers - 10 pcs .;
  • Lemon juice - 2 tablespoons;
  • Sugar - 0,5 kg.

Photo of a recipe for cooking fragrant jam from rose petals

  1. Collect fresh flower buds.

  2. Separate the petals from the inflorescence, rinse in running water.

  3. Pour the rose petals with water, add flowersJasmine. Add the lemon juice (to preserve the color) and sprinkle with sugar. All mix and cover with a towel. Leave for 24 hours at room temperature.

  4. In another vessel, heat 200 ml of water.

  5. Pour out the flowers and mix well. Add the remaining sugar and cook until a saturated color of the syrup appears. If desired, you can add pectin to get a more dense structure.

  6. Finished jam pour into cans.

Delicious jam from Alla Kovalchuk from pink petals - recipe with video instruction

Conduct cooking non-standard jam muchEasier, having studied useful and understandable video examples. One of these instructions for cooking jam from tea roses from Alla Kovalchuk will help you quickly and easily make a home.

Video recipe for cooking a delicious pink jam from Alla Kovalchuk

In the proposed video example, each hostess will be able to get acquainted with the secrets of preparing a tasty pink jam.

Unusual and simple tea rose jam - photo recipe with instructions

The usual jam from any ingredients you needCook, but there is a special way of cooking sweets from pink petals - a cold method. It involves the use of only petals and sugar. Such a simple recipe will allow you to quickly and without much effort prepare a useful and fragrant jam from the petals of a tea rose. It is only necessary to strictly follow the recommendations and proportions.

Ingredients according to the recipe for making simple tea rose jam

  • Rose petals - 300 g;
  • Sugar - 600 g.

A simple photo of a recipe for making jam from the petals of a tea rose

  1. Collect the petals thoroughly rinse under running water. If desired, you can remove the tight legs, but it is not necessary: ​​ready jam is better to grind.

  2. Sprinkle the prepared petals with sugar so,So that each petal is covered. For 6-12 hours the mixture is rubbed and mixed together to obtain a homogeneous mass. But if you want you can just leave the petals in the sugar: so they will look brighter.

  3. After grinding the petals and sugar, you can finish the preparation of the jam by grinding with a blender. To store useful sweetness it is necessary in the refrigerator.

Make at home a fragrant and usefulJam from the petals of roses with the proposed photo and video recipes is not difficult. You just need to read information about the benefits of sweetness, what sorts of roses you need to take, what kind of damage the harvest can bring with the use of "bad" petals. Help in the work and video recipe Alla Kovalchuk with a step-by-step description of the actions. With such simple and understandable instructions, you can make and ordinary tea rose jam, and non-standard sweets from roses and jasmine.
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