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Jam from honeysuckle for the winter - a simple recipe with a photo, five minutes, without cooking, in a multivark

Honeysuckle berries are rarely usedModern housewives to prepare jam for the winter. And absolutely in vain. Honeysuckle contains a lot of vitamin C, which helps maintain immunity during winter colds. No less attractive and positive effect of berries on the cardiovascular system, liver and gall bladder. Prepare a honeysuckle delicious and healthy jam will not be difficult even for the young hostess. Cooking sweets can be done with the addition of water, using a multivark. It will also help to quickly and easily prepare the jam from the honeysuckle recipe without cooking berries. Among the proposed instructions you can find a good recipe for a five-minute, which is very convenient to use. And video tips will be useful to those who want to visually assess the ease of cooking jam from the honeysuckle berries.

Useful jam from honeysuckle with water - a five-minute recipe with turn-based photos

Adding water when cooking jam isOptional: the berries themselves will allocate enough juice to produce a delicious billet. A small amount of auxiliary liquid provides sufficient "fluidity" of the jam. That is why such a recipe should be used by housewives who do not like too thick billets. In addition to these ingredients, other additives can also be used. For example, currant berries, strawberries. Non-standard combinations will help to make the most useful and aromatic preparation for the winter. Tells about how quickly and simply prepared a jam of honeysuckle recipe five-minute, listed below.

Ingredients with a five-minute recipe for a useful honeysuckle jam with water

  • Berries of honeysuckle - 1 kg;
  • Boiled water - 200 ml;
  • Sugar - 1 kg.

Step-by-step photo recipe for a five-minute-long preparation for a useful jam of honeysuckle with water

  1. Rinse the berries well. To get a soft jam with pieces of berries, it is recommended to slightly mash them. During this time, prepare the sugar syrup, using 200 ml of water and a glass of sugar.

  2. Put the pan on the fire, add the syrup and bring to a boil. Add another glass of sugar and mix.

  3. Add the remaining sugar, carefullyStir until completely dissolved. Care should be taken to ensure that the mixture does not burn. Boil for 3 minutes, remove the foam. After pour over the cans and leave in an upside down state for 10 minutes.

A simple recipe for a tasty honeysuckle jam - video cooking instruction

Cooking unusual and new jams for the winterMuch easier on video recipes. Especially it concerns the young housewives, who are still very little familiar with the peculiarities and rules of preparation, mixing of the ingredients. In the proposed video recipe jam from honeysuckle you can learn in detail about each step of the work. This will help not to spoil the workpiece and it is easy to make a useful jam by the winter period.

A simple video recipe for cooking a delicious honeysuckle jam

The author of the video very accurately and in detail describes each step of cooking jam from honeysuckle. After reviewing a useful video recipe, it will not be difficult to make a vitamin preparation for the winter for the whole family.

Original jam from honeysuckle for the winter - a recipe with a detailed photo report

Preparation of jam from honeysuckle allows forMinimum time to get tasty and useful workpieces for the winter. The attractiveness of berries and the preservation of vitamins with a short cooking. Honeysuckle jams are suitable for lovers of sweet, slightly acidic blanks. The second is to add a little citric acid when cooking. It will not only give a special flavor, but also help to exclude sugars. It will tell you how easy it is to prepare a honeysuckle jam from the recipe for the winter below.

List of ingredients for the preparation of the original honeysuckle jam for the winter

  • Berries of honeysuckle - 1 kg;
  • Sugar - 1 kg;
  • Citric acid - 0.5 tsp. (For an easy sourness it is possible to take even less).

Detailed photo of the recipe for making original honeysuckle jam for the winter

  1. Berries of honeysuckle thoroughly rinse under running water in small portions. Fans of chopped jam without berries can rinse half harvested berries.

  2. The remaining whole berries can be thrown in a colander forWater runoff. After transferring them into a saucepan and put on fire. When the mixture begins to boil, add the remaining milled berries along with the juice, which from them stood out.

  3. Add sugar and citric acid, boil the jam well for 15-20 minutes, stirring constantly.

  4. It's still hot to put in jars, give half an hour to stand upside down.

How to cook a jam of honeysuckle quickly and without cooking - tips with photos for housewives

Constantly busy housewives perfectly suitedJam from honeysuckle without cooking. It can be cooked for children and adults literally in 5 minutes. But to store such a preparation is in the refrigerator for not more than a week.

Ingredients for the quick preparation of honeysuckle jam

  • Berries of honeysuckle - 300 g;
  • Sugar - 2/3 tbsp. (Can be a little more).

The fastest recipe for making honeysuckle jam

  1. Berries are well cleaned and rinsed.

  2. Wipe the berries with sugar and put in jars.

Unusual jam of honeysuckle for the winter - recipes five minutes for a multivark

With the help of modern multivariate you can createAmazing blanks for the whole winter. The advantages of working with this technique are the absence of special requirements for the preparation of products. They should only be thoroughly rinsed, pour all the ingredients into the bowl and choose the correct mode of operation. After this, after the specified time, you can begin to put the jam.

How to prepare a jam from a honeysuckle in a multivariate - useful video recipes

Prepare the honeysuckle jam in the multivariateCan be prepared according to recipes for black currants or blueberries. Therefore, as a basis, you can take recipes for these berries. If the proportions are strictly observed, the jam is not to be digested. Scoop ideas for cooking jam from the honeysuckle berries can be from similar recipes with currants and blueberries. In addition, they can be mixed with honeysuckle for the preparation of unusual blanks for the winter:
Will help to prepare jam from the honeysuckle recipe andWith a photo, and with video tips, specified above. It can be an instruction for cooking jam in a multivark or in a saucepan, with the addition of water or citric acid. Each option is good in its own way and helps to prepare quickly and easily for the winter. A five-minute recipe for cooking jam without cooking is also attractive: it is optimal for eating berries in autumn periods. But to work on each recipe you need to learn the steps mentioned, correctly prepare and mix all the ingredients.
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