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Jam from walnuts young, green - good and bad - recipes step-by-step with photos and videos

Unusual and even strange-looking jam fromWalnuts is one of the most useful billets. It allows you to maintain immunity and helps prevent the appearance of many diseases. But before taking such sweets, it is necessary to study the data on possible harm from its administration, contraindications. Important information will allow you to properly prepare the ingredients. Help in creating the original blank to the hostesses step by step photos and video recipes of jam from green young nuts. Accurate adherence to instructions will eliminate errors in the work and greatly simplify the cooking process.

Original jam from young walnuts is the benefit and harm of harvesting

Before preparing and consuming non-standard sweets it is necessary to study all information about them. Below is considered what kind of benefit and harm is jam from walnuts at reception.

What is the benefit of the original jam from young walnuts?

Many people are interested in the usefulness of jam fromWalnut. Sweet harvesting positively affects the work of the digestive tract and prevents the appearance of an ulcer, gastritis. It helps in the treatment of colds and in the maintenance of immunity.

Possible harm and contraindications for taking jam from young walnuts

Do not eat sweet jam from the GreekNut to people with diabetes. Also, such preparations are not recommended for people suffering from excess weight. Otherwise, there are no contraindications to sweets. But you need to strictly follow the rules of their cooking and collect nuts only in the park areas, away from industrial facilities and trails.

Unusual jam from green walnuts - recipe with step-by-step photo

Prepare jam from green walnutsIt's easy even for a young hostess. But you need to thoroughly soak them to get a really unusual and original taste. Accurate compliance with the instructions will easily make a useful vitamin preparation. You can make jam from walnut with the addition of these spices or with the use of other flavored spices.

Ingredients for the preparation of original jam from green walnuts

  • Green nuts - 700 g;
  • Cinnamon, vanilla extract - 0.5 tsp;
  • Water - 3,5 items;
  • Sugar - 700 g.

Step-by-step photo cooking recipe for unusual jam from green walnuts

  1. Collect whole, not damaged and not spoiled walnuts.

  2. With a vegetable peeler or a conventional knife, you need to peel them off.

  3. Pour cold water and leave for 9 days. Every day, change the water 2 times.

  4. Darkened nuts pierce with a fork. Transfer to a saucepan and add water. Add sugar, bring to a boil and after half an hour remove from the plate, allow to cool and stand in the syrup for about 6 hours. Then add the remaining spices, boil for another 30 minutes. Spread the jam over sterilized jars.

Useful jam from a young walnut - a recipe with photo instructions

For cooking jam from walnuts do not needA lot of experience in the procurement of sweets. It is important only to follow the described actions and recommendations. Then the jam from the young walnuts will turn out quickly and easily.

List of ingredients according to the recipe for jam from a young walnut

  • Walnuts - 5 kg;
  • Sugar - 2 kg;
  • Water - 1.5 liters.

Picture of a recipe for jam from young walnuts

  1. Collect the nuts. Use only whole fruits without plaque and damage.

  2. Rinse the nuts well.

  3. Carefully cut off the peel from them. It is better to work in gloves, otherwise the skin of the hands will turn into a light brown color. Soak the peeled nuts in the water for 4 hours, then change the water. Repeat the procedure 2 more times.

  4. Prepare sugar.

  5. Prepare syrup from water and sugar.

  6. Put the nuts in the syrup and mix them well, cook for 4 hours on the smallest fire.

  7. After decomposing into cans. After a week, the jam and nuts themselves will darken.

Cooking jam from young walnuts - recipe with step by step instructions

Learn how to make jam from walnutsThe most delicious recipe, you can from the instructions below. Simple spices will help make the syrup even more delicious, and the billets are more fragrant. Tells about how easy it is to make an unusual jam from a walnut recipe with the photo shown below.

Ingredients according to the recipe for jam from young walnuts

  • Nuts - 200 pieces;
  • Sugar - 3,5 kg;
  • Honey - 400 g;
  • 1 cinnamon stick;
  • Extract of vanilla - 2 g.

Step-by-step recipe for cooking jam from a young walnut

  1. Collect, clean and peel nuts.

  2. Pour prepared nuts with cold water for a week. Water is changed twice a day.

  3. Boil the walnuts for 15 minutes, drain the water and re-boil for 15 minutes.

  4. Get nuts, chill and pierce several times with a fork.

  5. Transfer to fresh water, add honey to it and bring to a boil.

  6. Brew for half an hour.

  7. Water to drain (nuts will absorb sweetness from honey).

  8. Mix in a saucepan 5 liters of water and sugar. Bring the syrup to a boil.

  9. Add the nuts and cook for 1 hour.

  10. Prepare a stick of cinnamon: grind it and put it in a folded several times gauze.

  11. Put a bag of spices, vanilla in a saucepan and simmer the jam for another 2 hours.

  12. Put the nuts in the jars, pour the syrup.

How to cook jam from green walnut - video recipe with instruction

The most popular among all cooking optionsIs an Armenian jam from a walnut. It differs from all considered recipes by a simpler preparation. In it, not all the peel is cut from the nuts, but only a part of it. It will help to prepare such jam from green walnuts with peel the recipe specified below.

Video recipe of jam making from green walnut

The attached video detailsFeatures of preparation of fruits, stages of cooking of sweetness. It will help you easily and easily prepare a "classic" Armenian jam from walnuts recipe from an experienced owner:
Dark brown jam from walnutsIs considered one of the most useful among the most unusual blanks. It can have a spicy taste, aroma and have an amazing sweetness. But to make such a jam, you need to carefully select the young and green fruits, they should be properly prepared. It will not be superfluous also to study information about the benefits that such preparations have, what harm they can bring. Compliance with contraindications will eliminate health problems due to the original sweetness. And when studying these photos and video recipes with step-by-step instructions, you need to consider all the proportions of ingredients: then the finished jam will be the most delicious and useful.
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