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How to clean squid: photo and video instruction

It's no secret that when choosing a delicacyMany stop to buy seafood. And right. A great way to touch the seafood is to prepare a seafood dinner. One of the most popular such products is the squid. Most people prefer dishes with the addition of squid carcass, but no one likes to clean it. Housewives find this case very painful. The problem is that they do not know how to do it right. If we follow all the rules of the instruction, then the squid is cleaned amazingly simply!

How to choose squid?

Note that squid in stores are sold in a variety of ways: carcases, rings and fillets. We are interested in the carcass in this case, since we will consider the cleaning of squid in more detail.
It is best to take unrefined seafood. The fact is that cleaning the squid from the film is a time-consuming process. It must be done exclusively by hand. Due to the large volume of goods, the manufacturer is forced to resort to special solvents, under the influence of which this film partially comes off. Do not say that it is very harmful for our body. The quality of cleaning is not the best. It is recommended to buy only small frozen and uncooked squid carcasses in stores. The impact of chemicals on them is minimal. In addition, you should pay attention to some other features of seafood:
  • Squid carcases should not stick to each other.
  • On their surface, there should be no damage, exactly, as on the packaging, in which the squid is realized.
  • The meat of the carcass should be cream colored.
  • The outer film should not be a uniform color.
  • The carcase of squid should be elastic.
  • The size of the squid speaks about his age. This factor can affect the taste of seafood.

How to clean squid from a film?

As we have already said, cleaning the squid is not a difficult process. The main thing is to follow everything exactly according to the instructions. And the manual itself is lighter. So, let's start cleaning.
Stage 1: Imagine that you have fulfilled all ourRecommendations and purchased small squid carcasses that you need to clean now. First you should determine where the head of the squid. See the long tentacles? This is the head of our squid. Someone's tentacles seem very unpleasant. You need to overcome yourself and take out his insides. As you guessed it: you can do this by pulling the squid by the head. The tentacle is required to "cut off". You are very lucky if the acquired squid is already cleaned. The work in this case is slightly reduced.

Stage 2: Where do you begin to clean the squid? Undoubtedly, with the cleaning of seafood from the film both inside and outside. Above we have already said that the squid carcass film should have a non-uniform burgundy-cream color. This indicates its good condition.
On a note! Pay attention also (if you bought a frozen product), so that the package does not have snow or frost. Such "precipitation" indicates a repeated thawing of squid. This can not but affect their taste.
Let's go back to cleaning the squid. The squid carcass is perfectly cleaned at a temperature effect. What does it mean? Before you begin to clean the squid, you need to pour them with boiling water and then quickly transferred to ice water. You will see how the film rolls down on the body of the squid. Remove it now is not difficult. The main thing is not to overdo it. Do not keep the squid in boiling water for a long time. Seafood can start to cook, and it will affect its taste in the future. Take the knife, gently pick up the film on the carcass of seafood and clean it.

Stage 3: It is also necessary to remove all unnecessary entrails from the small body of the squid.

How to clean frozen squid?

Technology of clarification of frozen squid meatPractical does not differ from the one described above. You, probably, will be surprised, but they do not even need to be thawed. You should also pour the squid with boiling water and quickly drain the water. Skin of squid meat will be very quickly and easily cleaned: even better than in the first version. Next, you can already cut off the tentacles and take out all the insides.
In fact, the squid is quite tasty and unusual seafood. You can easily surprise your relatives and friends by preparing dishes using the carcass of a wonderful squid!
How to cook squid? The key to successful preparation of seafood is that it should be cooked for 2-3 minutes. After the squid loses its taste, it becomes too soft. No hostess would want to have dishes with exotic seafood on her table spoiled.
There are many different recipesSalads and other dishes with squid. It would seem that it is so special? At first glance, it may seem completely tasteless. However, apparently, the desire to be as close to the sea prompted us to love his gifts. In different dishes, squid meat can be cut into rings or cubes.

Video: how to clean squid

To make you realize once again that cleaning squid is a minute affair, we offer you to watch video recipes, telling how to properly clean and prepare squid. Enjoy your meal!
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