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How to drink tequila: video

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The market of alcoholic beverages can be foundA large number of various products. One of the most expensive and strong in this line is tequila. Mexico is the birthplace of this noble drink. In the Western countries, tequila is treated as a special ritual for drinking. That is why many people have a question: how to drink tequila correctly? The best way is to drink in a good, cheerful company. And if seriously, then below are several ways how to drink tequila and how to eat it.

Ways to drink tequila

Yes, yes, this ritual has several ways of embodiment. It all depends on what you mix tequila with and what you eat.

1 way

Probably, this method is one of the most popular. More often than not, people know exactly this way, not suspecting the existence of others. However, we will recall.
For this method of drinking tequila is necessaryHot Mexican tequila, salt and lime. Salt is poured on the hand (between the thumb and forefinger). A volley is drunk with tequila from a glass, then lick the harvested salt from your hand and eat it with lime. Typically, lime is not always easy to find in stores. That's why it can be replaced with a regular lemon. Drinking tequila in this way, you will not feel the bitterness of the drink.
Interesting! The most sophisticated youth minds came up with another technology that describes how you can drink tequila. Salt strews on any part of the body of another person, lime at this time is in his mouth. Drinking it is necessary to perform the action in the same sequence, however, after licking the other person's salt and biting off lime from someone else's mouth. This is entertainment!

2 way

Few, probably, knew that tequila can be drunkWith orange and cinnamon. It's amazing, is not it? This is how (with cinnamon and orange) you can experience the true taste of alcohol. Its astringency will be replaced by notes of citrus and sweet ground cinnamon. The technology is the same: tequila - ground cinnamon - orange slice. Especially such a method of drinking tequila is in demand among Germans, and even more so - ladies. Orange, cinnamon and tequila are a great combination. Worth a try!

3 way

The name of this method you probably heard. It is about the same "ruff", which was popular since ancient times, and its ingredients could vary depending on the geolocation of users. A burning Mexican drink "comes into battle" with a quality beer of light varieties! On hearing a terrible combination. Indeed, such a drink in many parts of the world is also called "fog" because of its ability to intoxicate a person in the shortest possible time. A terribly high degree of two drinks instantly hits the head. The conclusion is one: the mixture is not for weaklings.
How to mix such a "cocktail"? The proportion is 1:10. The part that is bigger is, of course, beer. It's not the other way around. Otherwise, such an experience with tequila can end badly.

4 way

In comparison with this method, the past is quiteharmless. In this case, hot chili is added to the hot tequila. The technology is that a person must first eat chili and then gulp a glass of tequila. It turns out, tequila from Mexico must be bitten very hot pepper. Or, rather, peppers need a snack with a glass of tequila! It remains only to wait for the drinker to breathe fire at all!

5 way

Recipe for this incredibly beautiful cocktail withTequila is known everywhere. Colorful cocktail "Tequila Sunrise" due to the color, obtained by mixing tequila, orange juice, sweet syrup "grenadine" of red color. Tequila and juice are mixed in proportion - 1: 3. To the mixed drink is added a littleGrenadine. Drink must be cooled, so no ice cubes can not do. Sweet juice and syrup will soften the taste of tequila. Ice will make this drink even more pleasant.
To achieve this effect, it is important to take just orange juice.

6 way

The name of this cocktail is also known to everyone -"Tequila boom". To drink tequila in this case is offered, diluting it with a sweet fizzy drink. Moreover, this method has its own technology: a glass with a drink is covered by a hand and strikes against the table with force. From such a "boom" instant foam appears. Then you need to drink a drink in one gulp. Tequila and carbonated water are mixed in equal proportions.

7 way

One of the most popular cocktails, especially,Among the female half - "Margarita". Drink is served in a special glass with a patch of salt. In the cocktail: tequila, orange syrup, lemon juice and ice. All ingredients are mixed in a special shaker.
Summing up, it should be said that there isA myriad of ways to drink a Mexican drink, choosing a variety of snacks. How to correct: a volley or in the form of a cocktail - it's up to you! Have a great evening!

Video: how to drink tequila

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