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How to cut pineapple: photo, video

In the fashion of exotic: unusual things, rarely found on the shelves of food products. What is the interest? People are in search of new sensations, unknown tastes in food and other personal discoveries.

Many housewives want to surprise loved ones and relativesan unusual recipe. In search of non-standard solutions, they break through a lot of books and pages in the browser. Once found - spend a lot of time to find ingredients of non-standard dishes in grocery stores. The problem is complex and, unfortunately, very few people deal with it.
If only there was a person who wouldat the right time suggested that delicious and beautiful can be dishes with the most common ingredients. Make the original dish possible, even if it is an ordinary slicing on the table. Here, for example, pineapple. Once a fruit, indeed, was a rarity and that very exotic. Access to it could get only real "bourgeois". What now? In any fruit department, we can find this charming fruit.
Beautifully sliced ​​pineapple can be excellentdecoration of the festive table. But here there is one hitch: how to cut pineapple beautifully? In fact, nothing is easier! Below we will present you several ways how you can cut pineapple on a festive table and surprise your guests.

Ways to cut pineapple

There is a huge variety of variations on the theme "how beautiful it is to cut pineapple on a festive table". We picked up for you several of them. What style of slicing is better - it's up to you!
However, before we turn to the methods, I would like to leave some tips that will help you to do everything right:
  • Do not cut the fruit the day before the plannedEvents. It's best if you leave the pineapple before the guests arrive. In 15-20 minutes, prepare it. So the pineapple will be the most juicy and sweet.
  • If you have ever tried to clean orto cut pineapple, you know that it is not so easy. The rind of the fruit is rather coarse and stiff. In order to cope with pineapple, it is necessary to sharpen the knife very carefully.
  • After cutting the fruit peel you can seebrown "eyelets" on the pulp, like inclusions on potatoes. They will need to be cut off. First, they spoil the appearance of pineapple. Secondly, they can affect the very refined taste of the fruit.
  • You probably paid attention to the solid core of pineapple. It is not usable, so it's also better to cut it with a knife.
  • Finally, I would like to give advice not so much oncooking, how much on eating pineapple. Do not eat too much fruit pulp. In the mouth are unpleasant tingling, from which it will not be so easy to get rid of.
Now is the time to move on to the ways of cutting.

1 way

First of all, it should be said that wewill need to work: a pair of knives (one big and sharp for cleaning, another smaller, for cutting out "eyes" from the pulp of pineapple), cutting board and a beautiful dish for decoration.
Step 1:It is necessary to cut off the tip first. Piece of pineapple with green leaves cut with a sharp knife.

Step 2:Now you need to peel the pineapple from the peel. We advise you to cut along, but not across. From the top down, cut the horny part of the pineapple. Peel away the peel.

Step 3:As mentioned above, it is necessary to clean"Eyes", which can affect the taste and type of product. Work should be done with a small knife. And here there is a small snag. Remove the "eyes" is not necessary, as we used to do with potatoes. To clean it is necessary on a diagonal, cutting them sideways. It turns out a kind of spiral.

Step 4:Cleared of all the excess fruit divide in half.

Step 5:A hard middle should be removed. Carefully cut it with a knife, without touching the flesh.

Step 6:Now divide the halves of pineapple into 2 parts in the same way. It turns out a rather interesting drawing, however, the idea is different.

Step 7:You, of course, can leave quarters solayers or cut them across so that the cute pattern remains. We suggest cutting the spiral into small cubes. Pieces of pineapple can be used as one of the ingredients for canapé. It will be very tasty if you combine pineapple with other fruits or berries.

2 way

The second way is even simpler than the first. The technology is about the same. The difference is that in this way the pieces of pineapple will be larger.
Step 1:Everything is as usual here. Cut the top of the fruit together with the greens.

On a note! If it's hard for you to handle pineapple (keep it during cleaning), you can try cutting off the top hat at the very end of the cleaning. In this case, you will be able to more conveniently hold the fruit for its leaves.
Step 2:Finally, we clean the base from the peel, usingall the same method (from top to bottom). Try to cut as little flesh as possible. We get rid of unwanted "eyes". Carefully cut them with a small knife.

Step 3:We divide the pineapple into 4 parts. We cut the center of the fruit. Next, work only your imagination. You can just cut the pineapple with a quarter of a circle, and it's best to experiment with the mistress herself. It turns out beautiful slicing. We are sure that you will have interesting ideas for cutting and decorating, which you can easily realize!

3 way

This method is completely based on the previous one. The only difference is that at the very beginning you need to cut pineapple in half.

One part of the fruit is put off (the one with the greens). On the other hand, we work the same way as described in the previous method. Cut the peeled half into cubes. We cut out the flesh from the whole half and also cut it into cubes. It turns out that such a beauty - a pineapple basket!

On a note! Sliced ​​pineapple cubes can be used for salad or canapé. The basket of half pineapple will look very original in the form of a dish for other fruits or, for example, salad.

Everything depends only on the imagination of the hostess. The options for making chopped pineapple are endless. The main thing is that cooking is a pleasure. Inspiration for you and delicious dishes!

Video: how to beautifully cut pineapple on a festive table

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