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Pilaf from pork: cooking recipes with a photo. We cook at home a delicious and hearty pilau of pork.

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Pilaf with pork and carrots

Plov is a very famous dish, considerednational in many states. Its history goes back centuries, namely, in the II-III century BC. It was then that the food from rice and beef or chicken meat was prepared by Indians and nomads from the Middle East. To make pilaw from pork began much later. Culinary researchers argue that this idea first came to mind Uzbek chefs. The dish in this interpretation has acquired additional flavors, richness, juiciness and an unrivaled, vivid scent.

Today, pilaf is cooked by hundreds of differentways. The dish is made in a deep skillet, in a cauldron, in an ordinary saucepan and even in a progressive kitchen assistant - a multivariate. If you strictly follow the rules and strictly follow the directions of the recipe, the dish turns friable, nutritious and is eaten on "hurray" even by the most fastidious gourmets.

Simple pilaw from pork: a recipe with a photo step by step

This is a classic variant of cooking a gentleand sweet-smelling pork pilova. It will allow even inexperienced housewives to master all the basic wisdom and secrets of creating at home a popular oriental dish. If there is a desire to give the dishes a more multifaceted taste and a bright, seductive aroma that will spread throughout the apartment, several laurel leaves, a twig of thyme, a quarter of nutmeg and 2-3 peas of white pepper should be placed shortly before turning off. Directly before delivery, these odor enhancers will need to be removed.

Pilaf with pieces of pork or chicken

Necessary ingredients:

  • rice - 2 items
  • broth - 4 items
  • Pork - 700 g
  • carrots 250 g
  • sunflower oil - 130 ml
  • Coriander - 1 tsp
  • turmeric - 1 tsp
  • salt
  • A mixture of peppers
  • spice

Step-by-step instruction

  1. Carrots should be cleaned, washed and chopped with long straws of medium thickness.
    Cutting carrots for pork pilaf
  2. Rinse the meat and cut across the fibers in small identical slices.

  3. In a deep thick-bottomed dish, heat oil, fry meat on it to a light golden hue, at the end season with turmeric and coriander, salt and pepper.

  4. Put the rice washed in two waters and the entire volume of carrots to the pork, mix thoroughly and fry over medium heat for 10 minutes.

  5. Pour in the broth of broth, cover the container with a lid and continue to cook another quarter of an hour. Reduce the heating to a minimum and simmer for another 20 minutes without opening the lid and stirring the components.

  6. Ready to remove the pilaf from the plate and steaming steaming.

How to make a pilaw from pork in a multivariate: a recipe with a photo

In a multivarker, almost anydish, even such a yummy, like pilaf from pork. This will require fresh meat, quality rice (long or round at the request of the hostess), vegetables, spices and traditional oriental spices. To make the dish more fragrant, it is recommended to use oil, which has a pronounced, saturated smell.

Necessary ingredients:

  • pork - 1,2 kg
  • rice - 1,2 kg
  • onion white - 4 pcs
  • vegetable oil - 220 ml
  • Carrots - 1 kg
  • Garlic - 2 heads
  • dried chili peppers - 3 pods
  • Dried barberry - 1 tbsp
  • coriander seeds - 1 tsp
  • zira - 1 tbsp with a slide
  • salt

Step-by-step instruction

  1. Rice is very good to rinse in several waters. Pork pulp is washed and cut into cubes. Onions peeled and cut into thin half-rings, carrots-long bars measuring 0.8-1 cm thick. Peel the garlic from the upper hides, but do not separate the denticles.
  2. Activate on the kitchen device mode"Multipoint", set the temperature at 160 ° C, heat the sunflower oil in a bowl and fry the onion on it for 5 minutes. Add the entire volume of pork and treat for 8 to 10 minutes. Pour chopped carrots and fry until golden. Then mix all the ingredients and continue to cook for another 10-15 minutes.
  3. Ziru and coriander grind in a mortar, combine with barberry and put it to the meat. Salt to taste and warm another quarter of an hour.
  4. Pour the boiling water into the multivara bowl so that it covers the pilaf for 2.5 cm. Top the capsicum and continue cooking for about an hour.
  5. Open the lid, gently squeeze the cleaned garlic heads into the rice. After a quarter of an hour, change the operation mode of the unit to "Heating" and leave to prepare for another 20 minutes.
  6. Hot pilaf put in a large serving bowl and serve to the table with your favorite vegetables.

How to cook pilaw from pork in a saucepan: recipe with a photo step by step

If there is no traditional cast ironkazan, you can make no less delicious, nutritious, hearty and flavorful pilaf in the most ordinary enamel saucepan, which is available in every mistress. The cooking process is practically no different from all other methods, but experienced culinary experts recommend in this case to use not long, but round Krasnodar rice. It has a softer, supple structure, absorbs the taste of the richness of seasonings well and keeps the shape perfectly even in the process of very long heat treatment.

Necessary ingredients:

  • Pork - 700 g
  • rice of Krasnodar - 3 tbsp
  • Onion - 2 pieces
  • Carrots - 2 pieces
  • Garlic - 5 teeth
  • Bay leaf - 3 pcs
  • animal fat
  • salt
  • condiment for pilaf

Step-by-step instruction

  1. Rinse rice and soak for 1 hour in warm water.
  2. Carrot chop thin rings, onions - small bars, cut the meat into small squares about the same size.
  3. In a saucepan, melt the animal fat so that it completely covers the bottom. Warm up well on high heat, pour in vegetables, pork and quickly fry until a ruddy crust appears.
  4. Add rice, salt, season with seasoning and pour boiling water. The liquid should cover all products by 2-3 centimeters. Top with crushed garlic and bay leaf.
  5. Cook simmer on low heat for at least half an hour.
  6. When all the liquid is evaporated, remove the container from the plate, put the dish into serving saucers and serve with fresh herbs and light salads.

How tasty to cook pilaw from pork in cauldron

Kazan - traditional dishes, which is acceptedto make pilaf in the East and Central Asia. It is believed that it is in this capacity that rice acquires the necessary friability, while pork, roasting to a crusty crust, remains naturally juicy, soft and indescribably tender inside. Cooking pilaf in kazan can be not only on the stove, but also at the stake, having gone on a picnic on nature. In both cases, the eastern food will turn out to be richly tasty, fragrant and very satisfying.

Necessary ingredients:

  • pork (flesh) - 1 kg
  • rice - 800 g
  • onion white - 4 pcs
  • vegetable oil - 125 ml
  • broth - 4 items
  • carrots - 3 pcs
  • Bay leaf - 3 pcs
  • black ground pepper - ½ tsp
  • bell pepper - 12 pieces
  • ginger - ¾ tsp
  • hops-suneli - 1.5 tsp
  • coriander - 1.5 tsp
  • nutmeg - 1 hour.

Step-by-step instruction

  1. Vegetables peeled and chopped in large slices, Rinse the meat under running water, slightly dried with a napkin and cut into cubes 2X2 cm.
  2. Half a serving of oil is poured into the cauldron and put on the stove to warm up for 5 minutes.
  3. Then add the pork to the red-hot oil and fry it over a high heat until a beautiful crust appears.
  4. Blanched pieces of salt, pepper,spice a part of spices and spices for pilaf. Add carrots, onion half rings and the second half of the oil, reduce the fire to an average level and bring the vegetables to softness. Stir the mass continuously so that it does not stick to the bottom.
  5. When the components acquire a golden color,pour in the raw rice, thoroughly thoroughly washed under cool running water. Put the remaining spices, mix with a wooden spatula and fry for 5-6 minutes.
  6. At the end of time, pour the pilaf to the top with a hot broth, gently mix, bring to a boil and send the cauldron to a well-heated oven.
  7. Cook at a temperature of 180 ° C for about three quarters of an hour.
  8. Remove from the stove, allow to cool slightly, and then serve to the table on individual serving plates.

How to make pork from traditional Uzbek pilaf: video instruction

In Uzbekistan, pilaf is considered one of the mostrevered and loved food. In each region of this Central Asian state it is cooked in its own way, supplementing the dish with original accents and unique features. In this clip in all the details it is told how Bukhara pilaf is made from pork. The peculiarity of this method is that, after pouring rice into the meat and vegetables, the ingredients do not mix. Thus, the croup remains on top and does not burn to the bottom, but is simply steamed by water and turns out to be incredibly friable. Immediately before serving, a cleaned garlic head is inserted into the rice, which enriches the pilaf with an additional aroma and gives it a spectacular and attractive appearance.

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