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Top 5 most expensive coffee varieties in the world

How much do you usually pay for a cup of fragrantcoffee? We dare to assume that it is unlikely that more than 100-200 rubles. And imagine that some desperate coffee makers are ready to pay as much as 50 dollars for just 1 cup of this invigorating drink. Of course, this is not about ordinary coffee, but about its elite varieties, famous throughout the world, but the fact remains. It is about the most expensive and unusual varieties of coffee and will be discussed in our today's article, prepared in conjunction with the German brand Melitta.</ P>

Fifth place. Eco-friendly coffee from St. Helena

This secluded corner of the virgin nature is familiarAll at the rate of school history. It was here that Napoleon Bonaparte spent his last years of life, by the way, a big fan of coffee. For the first time on the Island of St. Helena, coffee beans were imported in the distant 1770 from Yemen. It was a well-known cultivar of Arabica - Tipped Bourbon Arabica, which was well established on local volcanic soils. It is thanks to the unusual soil of the island, organic fertilizer and favorable climatic conditions, coffee beans acquire their unique taste and aroma. It costs 450 grams of coffee from St. Helena on average $ 80.

Fourth place. Panama pride of coffee La Hacienda Esmeralda

To enjoy the amazing coffee La HaciendaEsmeralda will have to pay $ 100 for 450 grams. But true coffee makers are sure that a fragrant drink with chocolate-fruit notes and a subtle aftertaste is worth it. Quite a high price is also due to the growth of bushes located on the slopes of Mount Baru in Western Panama. In fact, coffee plantations are at an altitude of 1400-1700 meters above sea level in hard-to-reach areas.

On a note! Try Panama exotic tastes at a more affordable price, you can buy coffee Bella Crema Selection des Jahres from Melitta. It consists of 100% arabica grains growing on the shady slopes of Baru, so that coffee has a delicate fruit and berry flavor.

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Third place. Jamaican coffee treasure Jamaica Blue Mountain

On the third place of our stamp is locatedA unique coffee with the romantic name "Blue Mountain" from Jamaica. This elite and expensive variety is almost impossible to find outside the island. On average, 450 grams of coffee beans will cost $ 200. But, according to the connoisseurs, for a mild taste with nutty notes and pleasant sourness Jamaica Blue Mountain, you can pay more.

Second place. Exotic coffee Kopi Luwak

One of the most famous and expensive varieties of KopiLuwak, is known for its unusual "fabrication" process. After all, in order to obtain its unique taste, coffee beans must pass through the digestive system of local animals - musang. It is thanks to the effects of gastric enzymes that coffee Kopi Luwak gets its own unique chocolate flavor and aroma. On average, 450 grams of grains cost 360 US dollars.

First place. Black Gold Coffee Black Ivory

And, finally, the most expensive coffee in the world isVariety "Black tusk". This coffee, like the previous one, gets its unique taste thanks to the digestive tract of animals - elephants. "Black tusk" is characterized by a mild taste with notes of bananas and sugar cane, the juices of which are impregnated with grain, being in the stomach of the elephant on average 15-30 hours. The cost of 1 kg of Black Ivory grains exceeds 1100 US dollars. The drink is considered exclusive and it can be tried only in several parts of the world: Abu Dhabi, Maldives and on the border of Thailand with Laos.

On a note! Enjoy a good coffee with fruit notes can be and for less money. For example, Bella Crema Tanzania Nyanda from Melitta will delight the true gourmets with a unique taste with a delicate tangerine aftertaste.

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