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Mint for the winter, recipes with a photo. How to prepare (preserve) mint for the winter: dry

Dried mint: harvest for the winter for all occasions

Each hostess cares about how to saveMore spices and preparations, which can be pampered by the household in the winter. Among these products, there is always a mint. The collection of this plant is in summer, but with proper processing, it retains freshness throughout the winter. As a rule, for this purpose, drying is chosen, because This method is simple and fast, and harvested grass saves its fragrance for several years.

You will need to prepare:

  • Mint - the quantity you need;
  • Sealed container or zip-lock bag.


  1. If you decide to prepare mint with stems, then it must be collected and tied into small (approximately 3-4 cm diameter) bundles.
  2. Then they need to hang out on a tight rope, fastened with a clothespin. The distance between the beams should be at least 5 cm.
  3. The optimal place for drying is an attic space or a canopy where there is no direct sunlight, but a high enough air temperature is maintained.
  4. In this condition, keep the dried mint until it is ready, then carefully remove and shift into a sealed zip-lock bag.
  5. If you want to prepare only the leaves of this spice, then they should be separated from the stems and spread evenly on clean paper or a towel.
  6. When drying, it is necessary to periodically turn the peppermint so that it is not banned. Optimal conditions for harvesting - a shady place on the street, where there is a good flow of air.
  7. After preparing crumpled leaves, chop and transfer them to a plastic container, where the grass will retain its aroma for several years.
  8. When choosing options, how to dry the grass onWinter, should take into account the fact that the plant is strictly not recommended to be subjected to heat treatment, i.e. Cook it in the oven or spread it on the windowsill. In this case, the grass loses its useful properties and precious aroma.

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