/ Beautiful presentation of meat dishes, photo. Beautiful serving of dishes, photo at home, in restaurants

Beautiful serving of meat dishes, photo. Beautiful serving of dishes, photo at home, in restaurants

Classic feed

Nobody canceled a tablecloth, a white plate andA separate serving of sauce - it was, is and will be. In the choice of fabrics you can focus on your taste, it will be interesting to look a combination of colorful tablecloths. Choose contrast colors: white - orange, gray - red, beige - green. In any case, white dishes will be good, it will never spoil the appearance of the dish. But do not forget, the dishes should be perfectly clean, no unwashed stains and cracks.

So, lay the fabric overlapping, put a white plate in the center, put a few whole pieces of meat on it and one chopped, sprinkle everything with a dry paprika.

In this classic form of serving, it's better not to overdo it with the decor, add to the meat a piece of butter mixed with greens, this will be quite enough.

We advise you to serve a dish with mushroom sauce, see its recipe here.

Serving on the chopping board

If the classics are bored with you, you can make a feedA-la steakhouse - on a wooden cutting board. This option looks quite impressive, and it is very easy to implement it at home. The board is suitable and round, and rectangular, and square, the main thing that the form was massive, brutal. In the fabric basis, give preference to coarse sacking, it is ideally combined with wood.

On the board lay the meat, generously sprinkle all the colored pepper, from the side put a tartlet with young green peas.

Add a few slices of fresh juicy tomato.

Excellent in this composition will look tomato sauce, cook it quite simply and quickly. The recipe is here.

Feed on the bark

Well, if you want to serve meat like in a restaurant with Michelin stars, do it on the oak bark.

On a piece of parchment lies meat, from aboveYou can lay a few crunchy onion rings, pour the meat with berry sauce. For the rings, the onion bulb should be cut into rings, sprinkled with flour and paprika, then roll in the egg and breadcrumbs. You can bake the rings in the oven for 15 minutes, or you can fry in vegetable oil.

Side to the composition can add a twig of cherries, this is relevant, as it is the basis of the sauce. A basket with fried potatoes will also be an excellent addition.

The stylish trifle will complement the gastronomic composition: we wrap the usual tangle of threads with coarse string.

Cherry-cranberry sauce you can prepare by the detailed recipe, which you can find here.
How we prepared the delicious juicy steak, look here.

A few tips

For a beautiful feed, vegetables need to be cooked for a couple. Thus, they will retain their texture and rich color, or serve them fresh.

Spicy spices, peppercorns, dry herbs are interesting - these ingredients will always add a piquancy to the feed.

Add decorating elements to the decor, if you serve berry sauce, it will not be superfluous to decorate the table with the berries you used.

Always experiment, family and friends will appreciate your creativity.

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