/ / Reliable addresses of residence of Santa Claus: from Russia, Finland, Norway and Sweden

Reliable addresses of residence of Santa Claus: from Russia, Finland, Norway and Sweden

Where does the Russian Santa Claus live?

The world is great and there are a lot of children in it, oneA fabulous grandfather could not cope with the distribution of gifts for everyone, so on New Year's Eve they work in unison with the team, only everyone in their country. In Russia, this fairy-tale hero lives in a city called Veliky Ustyug in a huge carved palace. On the way to it, all the guests are met and escorted by fairy-tale creatures. Little visitors like this costume show very much. In the palace is a large throne, which is allowed to sit down and make wishes. And they will surely come true! A letter to our grandfather can be written to the address: Veliky Ustyug, personally in the hands of Grandfather Frost.

Belarus also has its real GrandfatherFrost, and we found out where he lives. On the territory of his estate is the largest Yolka in the whole of Europe. Here you can meet many wonderful creatures. Together with the grandfather in this fairy-tale estate the Snow Maiden lives, only in a separate house. In his house, the wizard receives guests and responds to the letters of the children.

By the way, this Santa Claus even hasA separate place where all the letters of the kids are stored. They lie together with the real treasures of the fairy tale, and this place is called Skarbnitsa. To write a letter to the Belarusian grandfather, it is enough to write down the address: 225063, Republic of Belarus, Brest region, Kamenets district, Belovezhskaya Pushcha, Kamenyuki village.

Preserve, where the Finnish Santa Claus lives

The most famous and even recognized worldwideThe organization of the United Nations in 1984, is the inhabitant of Lapland Yolupukki. The territory where he lives, was named "Land of Grandfather Frost." Here is a grand entertainment complex, in which you can meet gnomes and elves, there is also a real Christmas post. This magical place is always visited by many tourists. Here you can even see the real northern lights. On the territory of the estate there is a northern zoo, where small guests observe polar animals. Also here you can get a diploma from a polar explorer or just have a good time walking around the reserve. If you decide to send a message to a Finnish wizard, write down the address: 96930, Finland, Napapiiri, Rovaniemi, Joulupukin kammari.

Grandfather Frost from Norway and Sweden

In far-off Norway, near the city of Oslo, inSavalene is inhabited by another snow grandfather, who bears the name Julenissen. This city is a very popular ski resort, so visitors can not get out of here. Local Santa Claus treats children to sweets, entertains them and listens carefully to their wishes. On the territory of Santa's house, the children will be happy to be served with delicious pies and a cup of hot chocolate. In addition, here you can have a lot of fun, play with fairy-tale creatures, ride on sled dogs driven by dogs and much more. The address where the Norwegian Santa Claus lives: Norway, Julenissen I Norge, Savalen, 2500 Tynsen, Nissegata 1.

Swedish good wizard lives in Tomtlende,Own village of Santa. The name of the local grandfather Yultomten, which, by the way, translates as "Christmas gnome". His house is located in a clearing in a fairytale forest, along with his assistants live. Here on the tracks are running little dwarfs, and for the fun of the kids there are various games and contests. Address of Swedish Santa Claus: Sagolandet Tomteland Gesundaberget 79290 Solleron 0250-28770.

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