/ Tushenka at home for the winter, recipes with photos. How to cook a stew at home

Stewed meat at home for the winter, recipes with photos. How to cook a stew at home

Delicious and healthy duck meat: delicate stew in the home

To prepare this dish you need not soA lot: one or more avian carcasses, duck fat and certain spices. Prepare for your family stew from the duck for the winter, using the following recipe.

List of required ingredients:

  • Duck carcass - 2 pcs.
  • Black pepper - 15 peas
  • Sweet pepper - 8 peas
  • Bay leaves - 4 pcs.
  • Salt - 2 tsp. With a slide
  • Duck fat
  • Food foil

The recipe for cooking stew from the duck:

  1. Bird carcass gutted and thoroughly rinse under the tap. Cut the lard from the ducks, and divide the birds themselves into pieces.
  2. Prepare jars with lids, washing them well and sterilizing them.
  3. At the bottom of each jar, put a bay leaf, peas of black and sweet-scented peppers, and sprinkle salt.
  4. Duck fat into slices. Approximately half of them are loaded in cans, and from above lay out pieces of bird carcasses.
  5. Cover the meat with another layer of duck fat.
  6. Divide the food foil into large pieces, fold them four times. One such sheet of foil should be enough to cover the neck of the can.
  7. Cover the containers with a duck foil, put them in the oven, turn it on and heat up to 200 ° C. At this temperature, simmer the meat for 4 hours.
  8. When the time runs out, check the amount of broth in the cans. If the juice released from the duck does not fill the tank completely, top up the water and leave the stew in the oven for another hour.
  9. Then take out the hot jars and roll them with covers.
  10. Cover the workpieces with a warm blanket and allow to cool slowly.

Stewed at home from the duck is ready, hide it for storage in a cool dark place. In a similar way, chicken or rabbit meat can also be preserved.

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