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Canned peaches for the winter, recipes with photos. Marinated peaches for the winter

Give yourself a moment of summer: a fragrant compote of peaches

Canned peaches are a unique delicacy,which can be used in any form. How many cans you have not closed, mouth-watering whole fruits are eaten in an instant. Especially prized compote of these fruits. Impregnated with sugar, they become incredibly tender and sweet, and a fragrant drink can be drunk without any additives. Consider the recipe for home preservation in more detail.


  • peaches of medium size - 1.5 kg;
  • sugar - 450 g;
  • water - 2 liters.

Step-by-step recipe for cooking:

  1. Peach compote for the winter is prepared very simply. To do this, it is necessary to select the fruit of the right size and sufficiently hard so that they do not lose shape during heat treatment.
  2. Then they must be thoroughly rinsed, trying to remove villi from the peel.
  3. Rinsed peaches are laid out in cans so that they fill the tank to the top. It is advisable to remove them immediately to the place where they will be bundled up.
  4. Then the contents are poured with steep boiling water, from above the cans are covered with lids and wrapped lightly in a dense fabric for half an hour.
  5. We pour water from the cans into the container for cooking and put it on the fire.
  6. While the liquid is boiling, pour sugar into each container.
  7. Then the resulting boiling water is evenly distributed among the cans, which should be crimped with a preserving machine.
  8. Each should be wrapped and left for 48 hours. Then open and rinse.
  9. This is the end of the sunset. Delicious peach compote ready! Keep blanks all winter in low light.

Idea for all occasions: canned peaches in own juice

Each hostess wants to feed her loved onesexceptional delicacies. Therefore, the preparation of fragrant fruit becomes a pleasant necessity, which allows you to open a small jar of juicy fruits in the cold season and prepare something special. Peaches in their own juice are excellent for both self-dessert and fillings, whether it's in baking, cakes, fruit salads, etc. Let's consider the step-by-step recipe in more detail.


  • whole peaches - 2 kg;
  • granulated sugar - 1 tbsp. l / 1 liter of water;
  • water.

Step-by-step recipe for cooking:

  1. Fruits should be thoroughly washed, remove from them peel, pull out bones.
  2. All the halves are placed in sterilized jars cut down, after which they should be poured with sugar.
  3. In each you need to add 100 ml of hot water and cover the top with covers.
  4. Then we sterilize the jars again, placing them in a deep container with boiling water. Keep on low heat for 45 minutes.
  5. Then the peaches must be clogged with a preserving machine, cooled and left in a storeroom for storage.
  6. Sweet and delicate peaches in syrup are ready!

Master-class cooking is presented in the video:

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Sweet-toothed dream: appetizing jam from peaches

Thick, fragrant and sweet jam fromCanned peaches are captivating with their appetizing views and unique taste. Purified soft fruits literally melt in the mouth, which is especially to the liking of small gourmets. With peach jam, you can serve hearty breakfasts - pancakes, fritters, pudding - all that allows culinary fantasy. Dishes are delicious and sweet, filling the house with its aroma. So, the recipe for boiling is as follows.

Step-by-step recipe for cooking:

  1. Fruits should be thoroughly washed, carefully peeling the peel with villi.
  2. Cut each peach and take out the stone. Cut the fruit into small slices.
  3. Then the fruits should be put in a volumetric container, provided that it will be enameled dishes. Top with sugar and leave the contents for 4 hours, so that peaches let the marinating juice.
  4. Then put the bowl on a slow fire, add citric acid and leave to cook for 1-1.5 hours. In this case, the ingredients must be continuously stirred.
  5. Ready jam is poured into sterilized jars and clogged.
  6. The sunset is complete. The fragrant, gentle peach jam is ready!

Aroma and drive: spicy peach liquor

Canned peaches are a unique product, fromwhich any dish turns out amazingly tasty. Culinary magazines are full of photos of various dishes, so the scope of the fruit is wide enough. However, not many know that from these fruits in sugar syrup comes a beautiful liquor, which is distinguished by a delicate fruit flavor and taste. Such a drink can be left until the onset of winter holidays, which makes it even more valuable.

Ingredients per output 1L:

  • peaches - 7 pieces;
  • vodka - 150 ml;
  • granulated sugar - ¾ cup;
  • water 100 ml.

Step-by-step recipe for cooking:

  1. Fruits should be thoroughly rinsed, remove the bones, if possible, clean the villi from the skin.
  2. Then they need to be put in a deep container and pour over the boiling water.
  3. After 1-2 minutes merge the boiling water and cover the contents with cold water to prevent the pulp from warming up. We remove the skin.
  4. We cut each fruit into quarters and put it in a jar.
  5. Let's start by preparing the syrup. For this, it is necessary to pour sugar on the bottom of a separate container and add water. Bring the contents to a boil and stir until the sugar dissolves without residue.
  6. The resulting syrup should be cooled to room temperature and mix the liquid with the vodka. Fill them with peaches.
  7. After this, it is necessary to cut a circle from the parchment that fits the circumference of the can and put it on top. This is necessary in order to release air, otherwise peaches will darken.
  8. Then cover the contents with a lid and leave in a cool place for 4-6 weeks.
  9. Conservation is now complete. When the liqueur is infused, roll it up with a lid and leave it in a dark place.

Thus, we examined the most appetizing recipes of canned peaches for the winter. Fruits will retain their taste and aroma to please the landlady in the cold season.

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