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German Pancake Recipe

  • Flour 1/2 cup
  • Sugar - 2 Art. Spoons
  • Sol - 1 Pinch
  • Eggs - 2 pieces
  • Milk - 1/2 cup
  • Cream fat - 1/2 cup
  • Vanilla essence - 1 teaspoon
  • Butter - 2 Art. Spoons
  • Apples - 4 pieces
  • Cinnamon - 1/4 Teaspoons
  • Sugar powder - 1 teaspoon

Apples are peeled, we remove the core. Cut apples into thin slices (see photo for clarity). We take a bowl, mix flour, salt and sugar in it. In another bowl, mix milk, fatty cream, eggs and vanilla essence. Mix well until uniform. Mix the egg and flour mixture. We beat the newly formed mixture with a whisk. In a frying pan, warm the butter. Put our apples in a frying pan, sprinkle them with cinnamon. Fry the apples on medium heat until soft - it's about 10 minutes. Fill apples with flour mixture, immediately remove from heat and put in the oven. In the oven at 220 degrees, our pancake should be baked for another 15-20 minutes. We cut the finished pancake with triangles, sprinkle with powdered sugar and serve it to the table. Bon Appetit!

Servings: 3-4

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