/ Recipe Raspberry cocktail with vodka

Recipe Raspberry cocktail with vodka

  • Mint syrup - 1/4 cup
  • Chocolate chip cookies - 3 pieces (finely chopped)
  • Raspberry - 10 pieces
  • Vodka - 1/4 Glass
  • Cranberry juice - 2 items. Spoons
  • Ice cubes - - Parts

Fill the shallow dishes with sufficientThe amount of mint syrup to just cover the base. Lay the chopped cookies in another shallow dish. Dip a martini glass in a dish with syrup, and then immediately dip into the chopped cookies to cover the edge of the glass. Put the raspberries in the shaker, crush it lightly. Add mint syrup and crush again. Add vodka and cranberry juice, fill the shaker with ice. Shake well until the cocktail is sufficiently cooled. Strain the cocktail into a martini glass. Serve raspberry cocktail with vodka immediately.

Servings: 1

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