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Recipe Meat in Tuscany

  • Beef brisket - 1500 Grams
  • White dry wine - 200 Milliliters
  • Olive oil - 50 milliliters
  • Tomatoes - 800 Grams (tomatoes should be ripe)
  • Garlic - 3-4 teeth
  • Basil - 20 Grams
  • Thyme - 5 Grams
  • Rosemary - 10 Grams (2-3 small twigs)
  • Olives without pits - 100 Grams
  • Salt - 1-1,5 teaspoons (to taste)
  • Chili pepper - 1 piece

My meat, we clean it from films and cut it fairlyLarge pieces. Fill with wine, add the branches of rosemary and marinate for about 1 hour. While marinating meat, we will deal with tomatoes. We scald them with boiling water. We clean from the skin. And, using a blender or grater, crush together with the olives. In the received weight we add the crushed garlic, finely chopped basil and thyme. We take pieces of meat from the marinade and put it on a deep frying pan heated with oil. Fry until golden brown. Fill the fried meat with tomato and spice puree, salt to taste. To extinguish minutes 30-40. The cooking time depends on how much softness you prefer meat. Minutes for 5 to the end of cooking, lay a spicy pepper.

Servings: 5-7

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