/ Recipe Fruit salad with ice cream and mulled wine jelly

Recipe Fruit salad with ice cream and mulled wine jelly

Romantic salad I bring to your attention myAuthor's salad recipe. My choice fell on a fruit salad, which can be an excellent end to a romantic dinner. Juicy slices of fresh fruit in a fragrant honey and cognac sauce. Fragrance of fruit perfectly complements jelly from mulled wine, bringing to the salad its unique notes of wine, cinnamon, cloves and anise. Served with a salad with vanilla ice cream and mashed potatoes, which serve as a salad dressing and a tasty extra sauce. Another highlight of the salad is a kneaded dough horn in which a salad is laid. And do not be misled by a large number of steps - a salad will not cause you problems on the day of cooking. And jelly from mulled wine, and horns made of tulip dough are prepared the day before the salad is served, so that at the "X" it will only be necessary to cut the fruit, cook the mango purée and beautifully lay the salad. A few minutes - and you can surprise your favorite people.

  • Bananas 2 pcs.
  • Kiwi fruit 2 pcs.
  • Orange 1 pc.
  • Mango 1 pc.
  • Pomegranate 50 g
  • Honey 3 tbsp. L.
  • Cognac 3 tbsp. L.
  • Lemon juice 1.5 tbsp. L.
  • Gelatin 1 tsp.
  • Cinnamon sticks 1 stick
  • Wine red dessert 150 ml
  • Carnation 3 pcs.
  • Sugar, vanilla 15 g
  • Water 50 ml
  • Badyan (star anise) 1 asterisk
  • Butter 30 g
  • Eggs chicken 1 pc.
  • Sugar powder 30 g
  • Flour, wheat 30 g
  • Ice cream plombir 200 g
  • Walnut 10 g
  • Cherry Cocktail 4 pcs.
  • Step 1 For the preparation of fruit salad, we need bananas, kiwis, orange, mango, pomegranate.
  • Step 2 To make jelly from mulled wine, we need red dessert wine, water, gelatin, vanilla sugar, cinnamon, cloves, an asterisk.
  • Step 3 Bring water to the boil with spices. Boil 2 minutes.
  • Step 4 Strain and add to the decoction vanilla sugar and instant gelatin. Stir until gelatin is completely dissolved.
  • Step 5 Add wine to the warm mixture. Cool in the refrigerator until the jelly hardens.
  • Step 6 Cut jelly from mulled wine into small cubes.
  • Step 7 For a sauce in which fruits will be marinated we will need honey, cognac, lemon juice. From what type of honey you choose, additional notes will be added in the salad.
  • Step 8 Combine honey, cognac and lemon juice.
  • Step 9 Kiwi clean, cut into pieces, put in sauce.
  • Step 10 Cut the bananas in circles, put them in a bowl with sauce.
  • Step 11 Peel the orange off the skins and tapes. Put in a bowl with sauce.
  • Step 12 Add the grenade seeds. Mix. Put in the refrigerator for 5 minutes.
  • Step 13 In the meantime, peel the mango and cut into a cube.
  • Step 14 Put the mango and 5 tablespoons of the sauce out of the crockery with fruit in the pan (there will already be fruit juice in this sauce). Protect mango in sauce on fire for 2-3 minutes.
  • Step 15 Add half the mango to the fruit.
  • Step 16 Blend the other part to a puree state.
  • Step 17 Sugar horns made of tulip doughCook the day before the salad is prepared and store in a tight-fitting box so that the horns do not become damp. Prepare the tulip dough and fill it with a pastry syringe with a nozzle with a small round hole.
  • Step 18 On a buttered confectionery paper with a syringe draw a mesh of dough size 10x11 cm.
  • Step 19 Place the dough in the oven at 170 ° C andAfter 3-4 minutes, when the ends of the dough begin to blanch, pull out the paper with the test and then hot wrap it on a metal cone with a test inside (you can make it from cardboard and wrap it with foil). Leave until the dough is completely cool.
  • Step 20 When the dough cools, it becomesFirm and fragile, keeps the form given to it. Carefully remove the paper from the top. You can wrap the dough not with a cone, but with a tube - you have to wrap it up on a tube wrapped in foil. I got 2 horns and 3 tubes.
  • Step 21 For the salad decor we will need ice cream, walnuts, cocktail cherries.
  • Step 22 Put the fruit salad on the dish,So that he visually poured out of the sugar horn. Place the ice cream ball on a mango pillow. Serve with a cocktail cherry, a piece of walnut, cubes of mulled wine jelly
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