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Penne's recipe with carrot sauce

  • Carrots - 400 Grams
  • Penne macaroni - 200 Grams
  • Water - 250 Grams
  • Butter - 20 Grams
  • Honey - 1 teaspoon
  • Pepper, salt - To taste
  • Pine nuts, a handful - 1 Piece
  • Walnut Muscat - 2 Pinch

1. First, rinse the carrots and clean it. Then cut the carrot into small cubes. A piece of butter is melted in a small saucepan with a thick bottom and walls. Add carrots and until it becomes almost yellow, stew, fire should be medium. Then pour in the water (you can cream), add a spoonful of honey, pepper and salt. Under the lid, until ready to extinguish, the fire is small. 2. Transfer to the blender three quarters of stewed carrots, together with water, where it was stewed. To a homogeneous mass, grind and pour back to the remaining carrots in a saucepan. Sauce bring to a boil, add nutmeg. 3. Boil water in a large saucepan, add salt and a little vegetable oil. We fall asleep penne and cook, pine nuts fry in a dry frying pan. 4. On the plates lay the boiled penne, pour the carrot sauce and sprinkle with pine nuts. You can decorate with mint leaves. The dish is ready.

Servings: 2

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