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Tyramisu classic recipe

  • Coffee espresso - 1,5 cups
  • Sugar - 2 items. Spoons
  • Egg yolk - 4 pieces (filling)
  • Sugar - 100 Grams (filling)
  • Wine of Marsala - 120 milliliters (filling)
  • Cheese mascapone - 450 Grams (filling)
  • Whipped cream - 230 milliliters (filling)
  • Cookies savoiardi - 285 Grams (40 pieces other name "lady fingers" (ladyfinger), for a basis)
  • Cocoa - 2 Art. Spoons (for the basis)

Prepare a strong espresso coffee. Dissolve the 2ndTea spoons of sugar in coffee and let cool to room temperature. In a bowl, add yolks and cook stirring for a couple until they become "fluffy" Add sugar Then wine. Beat whisk until the cream thickens. Rubber spatula to stir the cheese to the state of cream. Add the egg mixture and mix well. Pour in the cream, and bring the whole mixture to a homogeneous mass. Cook the dessert in coffee and stack one after the other, into a deep baking sheet. Evenly distribute half the resulting cream over the biscuits. Lay the second layer of cookies in the same way as the first one. Top with a powder of cocoa and place the finished dessert in the refrigerator for 3-4 hours

Servings: 10-14

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