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Strawberry Recipe with Sugar

  • Strawberries - To taste
  • Sugar - To taste

1. Here she is a strawberry, lies in a basket, smells with fragrances and waits for her time. Let's go over it, remove the tails and wash it in running cold water. If there are a lot of it and you can not eat it at one time, you can prepare several cans for future use. Let's leave our strawberry to the best, coldest times. In winter, you want something of summer, tasty and fragrant. 2. Now you need to think about sugar. For today's dessert, we do not need a lot of sugar. Sweet strawberries can be sprinkled with sugar a little or rubbed with it. But today I have a lot of strawberries. Therefore, together with dessert for dinner, I want to make a small piece for the winter, and so I cooked more sugar. For harvesting, I take 1 kg of sugar for 4 kg of berries. In this form it should be stored only in the freezer. 3. For dessert "Strawberries with sugar" I do not like to just sprinkle berries with sugar. I'm rubbing it. And this delicious mixture you can eat and just like that, and with pancakes, and with tea. 4. Now about the workpiece. I shift the resulting strawberries with sugar into plastic cups. They are so convenient to store. 5. I close the cups with food film and in the freezer. Think of a sleigh in the summer. Ate a strawberry from the heart today, left our strawberry and for the winter.

Servings: 20

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