/ Recipe Hot sandwiches with egg

Recipe Hot sandwiches with egg

Hot sandwiches On the topic of hot sandwichesYou can talk for a long time and with ecstasy. Whatever you put on a slice of bread - baked in the oven it will be so crunchy and tasty that you can not think of a better breakfast. Or is it possible? Prepare our buns and biscuits yourself. This dish is difficult to attribute to a particular species. Snack buns can be considered a sandwich, and snack, and pastries, and even salad. The most valuable quality for a busy but caring woman about the family is the speed of cooking. For 20-30 minutes you can easily prepare a hearty breakfast or a delicious dinner, using this recipe as a basis for experimenting with other products most loved in your family. Having tried this bun, it is very difficult to stop, so as not to eat it all. Therefore, if you are afraid of a figure, it is better to use not bagging buns, but baguette. It can be cut along, and then divided into the right portions: dad ten centimeters, son - eight, well, and enough for my mother and five. Just do not blink: having coped with their buns, your men can leave you without breakfast, while you bring beauty in front of the mirror!

  • Bun with a sandwich 3 pcs.
  • Ham 150g
  • Pickled cucumbers 1 pc.
  • Mustard 1 tsp.
  • Mayonnaise 4 tbsp. L.
  • Eggs quail 7 pcs.
  • Fresh dill 0.25 bunch
  • Sunflower refined sunflower oil 2 tbsp. L.
  • Step 1 To make sandwiches, we take sandwich buns, ham, a small pickled cucumber, quail eggs, mustard and mayonnaise.
  • Step 2 Cut ham and cucumber into strips.
  • Step 3 Combine the mustard and mayonnaise.
  • Step 4 With the buns cut off the top and take out the pulp.
  • Step 5 Lubricate the bottom of the rolls with a mass of mustard and mayonnaise.
  • Step 6 Then evenly distribute the chopped ham and cucumber.
  • Step 7 Drizzle sprinkle with vegetable oil, lay out the buns, and then break up on top 2-3 quail eggs. Bake in a preheated oven to 200 ° C for 5-7 minutes. </ P>
  • Step 8 Sprinkle with finely chopped greens before serving.
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