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Recipe Cookies "Madeleine"

Truly French cookies Madeleine At last IHas acquired treasured molds for cookies "Madeleine" and now I can share with you the recipe of fragrant pechenyushek, which adults and children love. The description will be long, but surely cognitive, so be prepared to read. Let's start with history, of course, because many people ask why the cookie in the shape of a scallop is called Madeleine's female name ?! Everything is very simple. In 1755, one of the famous balls, almost fell through because of the illness of the chef. The servant was connected to cooking and the dessert was saved by a smart servant, she quickly cooked a shell-shaped cookie, according to her grandmother's recipe. The guests were delighted, after which it was decided to call this delicacy the name of the girl - Madeleine. So it or not, we will not know, but the story is in a truly French style, you will agree. By the way, one of the recipes of "Madeleine" is described in the culinary dictionary of Alexandre Dumas. He was a gourmet and a great lover of food, so I could not help mentioning a simple dessert, because at that time Madeleine was served in almost every decent house. With the story finished. Now to practice. As you can judge from the ingredients, "Madeleine" is akin to all your favorite biscuit. And they are baked from what is always at hand: eggs, sugar, flour. I will make a few "uncomplimentary notes." Instead of sugar, use powdered sugar, it will give a slightly different flavor to the liveries. As a flavor, you can choose to your taste, from vanilla to any liqueur or rum. On the photo the variant with vanilla, but as I baked them several times already, I added juice of half a lemon with a zest, and a caramel liqueur and just a rum essence. Each time it's delicious. Molds can be not necessarily in the form of shells, but they still have their own charm. A little more about the temperature regime. In the oven, choose the mode with the bottom heating element (for me it is the lower ten + convection), otherwise the cookies will not be browned properly from the side of those shells. By the way, first, no one believes that cookies are homemade, everyone thinks that "shells" are bought in the store, but this is before they taste a piece. That's kind of all. Well, read it? Impressed? Let's practice.

  • Eggs chicken 2 pcs.
  • Sugar powder 100 g
  • Wheat Flour 150 g
  • Butter 120 g
  • Sugar, vanilla 5 g
  • Step 1 You will need: eggs, sugar powder (can be replaced with sugar), wheat flour, butter (melt), flavor (vanillin, lemon ....).
  • Step 2 Whisk the eggs with powdered sugar in a light mass.
  • Step 3 Sift the flour, add the flavoring at this stage and stir well.
  • Step 4 Pour the melted butter and mix until smooth.
  • Step 5 Pour out the dough into molds.
  • Step 6 Bake in a preheated oven to 180 ° C17-20 minutes. Cookies do not necessarily have to crack, I had it because of the wrong temperature, but the taste of it was almost not affected.</ P>
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