/ Recipe: Vegetarian pea soup

Recipe: Vegetarian pea soup

  • Peas - 400 Grams
  • Bow - 1 piece
  • Carrot - 4 pieces
  • Celery - 3 pieces
  • Vegetable broth - 1.7 liters
  • Garlic - 2 Teeth
  • Bay leaf - 2 pieces
  • Soy sauce - 2 items. Spoons
  • Honey - 2 Art. Spoons
  • Salt and Pepper - - To taste

1. First of all, when choosing peas, specify if it should be soaked. Some types of peas require pre-soaking for at least 5 hours before cooking, some do not require soaking. Soak the peas, if necessary. In large pieces chop the celery, carrots, garlic, parsley. Peel onion and cut into coarse pieces too. 2. First rinse the peas in cold water. Fold all the ingredients in a large saucepan and cook over low heat for 40-50 minutes. The soup will be ready when peas and carrots are ready. During cooking, stir occasionally. Let the soup cool down for 5 minutes, then turn it into puree with a blender or food processor. 3. Before serving, try and, if desired, add more salt and pepper. To serve soup with French baguette and decorate with parsley.

Servings: 4

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