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Recipe How to make sushi

  • Rice for sushi - 100 Grams
  • Vinegar rice - 20 milliliters (optional)
  • Nori sheets - 4 pieces (black, rolls roll in them)
  • Filling for sushi - 150 Grams (avocado, red fish, crab meat, crab sticks, cucumbers, cream cheese - whatever you want)
  • Ginger pickled - 50 Grams (for filing)
  • Wasabi - 10 Grams (for filing)
  • Soy sauce - - To taste (for filing)

You need to start with the preparation of ingredients. Rice for sushi should be boiled as indicated on the package, and then add a little rice vinegar to improve the taste. The stuffing for the rolls needs to be cut into thin brusochki. The filling can be practically any, but beginners recommend different combinations of cucumber, red fish and avocado. We take a rug for rolling rolls. We put on it a sheet of nori. Boiled until cooked and completely cooled rice for sushi is evenly distributed over the entire area of ​​the nori sheet, leaving only a small amount of empty space at the edges (for folding). The rice layer should be thin enough, otherwise the rolls will be huge and ugly. Further on the near edge of a sheet we spread a little of a stuffing. We start to roll the roll, as in the photo - we lift it from the near edge ... ... and carefully wrap it ... ... like this. Words explain this procedure is difficult, although there is nothing complicated in it - look at the photos for clarity. We wrap in exactly the same way as for example pancakes, so nothing complicated. As a result, you should get a sausage inside the mat for wrapping. Roll the sausage on the table, let it lie down for a minute, so that the sheet is glued together. Then we remove the sausage from the rug and cut it into small rolls with a sharp knife. Actually, that's the whole trick. Similarly, wrap the remaining sheets of nori and make rolls from the available ingredients. The first pancake can come out with a lump, do not worry - you need to try a couple of times to understand how it's done. As a rule, even for beginners from the third or fourth time you can wrap beautiful and orderly rolls. Serve rolls with pickled ginger, soy sauce and horseradish wasabi. Bon Appetit! ;)

Servings: 5

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