/ Recipe: Milk ghee

Recipe Milk gelled

  • Cream - 200 grams
  • Milk - 3 liters

1. First, on the stove boil milk (it is best to take good rustic milk), add cream to it, mix it well. Now we need pig-iron enamel pots or refractory clay pots. Spill a little cooled milk on pots (we have clay pots) and put them to languish in a preheated oven (oven temperature is small, about eighty-one hundred degrees). You can put the pots in the oven. Milk is poured into the formation of a brown film on its surface (approximately an hour and a half takes about this time). To make this film, formed during the languor, thick and delicious, it is necessary to press it against the bottom of the pot with its spoon. During milking, repeat this procedure three times. 2. Then we take out the pots of milk from the oven, cover it with a lid, and hold it for about four to six hours at a temperature of seventy-ninety degrees (to maintain this temperature, the milk can be poured into a thermos bottle). 3. The melted milk is ready. On melted home milk, you can boil millet, rice or semolina porridge. You can just drink milk and a bun. Bon Appetit!

Servings: 8

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