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Recipe Wheat with Vegetables

  • Wheat grains - 1 cup
  • Water - 1 Liter
  • Head of broccoli - 450 Grams
  • Olive oil - 2 teaspoons
  • Yellow onions - 1 Piece
  • Cloves of garlic - 2 pieces
  • Tomatoes - 900 Grams
  • Fresh oregano - 1/4 cup
  • Yellow zucchini - 1 Slice (sliced)
  • Eggplant - 1/2 Pieces
  • Salt - 1/2 teaspoonfuls
  • Freshly ground pepper - 1/4 teaspoonfuls

Place the wheat grains in the pan. Add water. Cover and bring to a boil. Reduce the heat to a minimum. Cook over low heat until soft, for at least 40 minutes. Drain the water, put it aside. Fill a large bowl of ice and water, set aside. Bring the water in a medium saucepan to a boil. Add broccoli and blanch until bright green, 1 to 2 minutes. Place in a bowl with ice, set aside. Heat the olive oil in a large frying pan over medium heat. Add onion and garlic, fry, stirring, until transparent, about 10 minutes. Increase the fire to medium and add tomatoes, oregano, zucchini, eggplant, salt and pepper. Cook, stirring until the vegetables are soft, about 15 minutes. Add broccoli and wheat and continue cooking for about 3 minutes. Serve immediately.

Servings: 8-10

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