/ Recipe Pineapple Grilled

Recipe Pineapple Grilled

We cook pineapple on a picnic This is exceptionalTasty, useful and necessary dish for a picnic! First of all, a very juicy and appetizing snack is obtained from pineapple. Also fresh pineapple contains bromelain, which contributes to the process of digestion (in canned pineapples bromelain is no longer contained). The content of bromelain is indicated by a slight tingling and tingling of the tongue. Pineapple, cooked on charcoal, has a unique taste and will be appropriate both as a snack for a hearty picnic, and as a dessert if you add a ball of ice cream to the pineapple. Pineapple is desirable to take with you to the sally and clean / cut already there. In extreme cases, you can do it at home. Ready pineapple can be served immediately, but in a cooled form it is not less juicy and tasty.

  • Pineapple 1 pc.
  • Step 1 It will take a ripe juicy pineapple.
  • Step 2 Cut the bottom of the pineapple, put it vertically, cut off the sides. Holding on to the vertex, cut the flesh with washers about 1.5 cm thick.
  • Step 3 Put on a grate and place over coals with medium heat.
  • Step 4 Fry on each side until beautiful ruddy stripes.
  • Step 5 Appetizing pineapple slices are ready!
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