/ / How to make balls from paper, master class, step-by-step photos. Bright ball of corrugated paper with your hands, photo, video

How to make balls of paper, master class, step-by-step photos. Bright ball of corrugated paper with your hands, photo, video

Necessary materials:

  1. Corrugated paper;
  2. Threads;
  3. Scissors;
  4. Glue as desired;

Bright ball of corrugated paper - step by step instruction

  1. Cut the sheets of paper:
    • It is necessary to cut 9 sheets in size 40 * 45 cm.

      Since the corrugated paper is most often found in the already folded form, it is necessary to straighten each wrinkle to determine the same size.

      Note: Our ball will turn out to be multi-colored, because we use corrugated paper of two colors. You can make balls of paper of the same color. In this case, the joints of the expanded folds, in the finished product, will be less noticeable.
    • Now it is necessary to expand all the sheets into onePile in the order we need. We stack by colors, through one. Tip: for the paper not to fold and the edges to be folded evenly, fix them with any heavy object. For example, with pencils on both sides.
  2. Fold out the paper:
    • After the paper is straightened andFixed, it must be rolled up by the "accordion". The width of the accordion will be 3 - 5 cm. The smaller the width, the more splendidly the paper ball will turn out. To fix the "accordion", you need to flash the middle.

      The paper is thin, so it will not be difficult to make it a simple needle with a thread. There is no specific scheme for folding paper. The main thing is the accuracy and attention when doing this work.

    • Now make out beautifully the edges. To do this, you need to trim the edge of any shape.

      Note: this is a rounded oval, or perhaps sharp peaks. From the shape of the edges you now give, the final look of your ball will depend.
  3. Form the ball:
    • The middle of the ball is fixed with a thread, now we straighten each sheet of "accordion". Disconnect each sheet separately from each other, forming a ball. In more detail this process can be considered in the photo.

    • If desired, you can glue the edges with a droplet of glue, thereby fixing the edges. After that, you will not see the boundaries of the collapsed paper.

A three-dimensional ball of corrugated paper is ready.

The ball can be used for decoration, decorateRoom, attaching to the ceiling. To do this, after sewing the center, leave a long thread or sew to the middle of any ribbon, on it later your ball will hang. You can also decorate with such magnificent balls the room just put them on any horizontal surface. Corrugated paper holds volume, so in any position the ball will not lose its shape.

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