/ Recipe: Casserole with squid

Casserole Recipe

  • Squid - 500 grams
  • Potatoes - 6-8 pieces
  • Bulbs - 2 pieces
  • Vegetable oil - 2-3 Art. Spoons
  • Egg - 1 piece
  • Bread crumbs - 3 st. Spoons
  • Butter - 1-2 Art. Spoons
  • Salt and pepper - To taste

Delicate potato casserole with squid is goodSuitable for a mid-morning snack. Preparation: Squids should be cleaned from the surface film and rinsed under cold water. In a saucepan bring 1 liter of water to a boil. Dip in boiling calamari and cook for about 1-3 minutes. Skip the squid through the meat grinder. Heat the vegetable oil in a frying pan. Add chopped onions, squids, salt and pepper. Stir and fry. Boil the potatoes, mash to a consistency of mashed potatoes and mix with the egg. Shape the casserole with oil and sprinkle with breadcrumbs. Put half the mashed potatoes in the mold, then fried squid with onions, and on top - the remaining mashed potatoes. Sprinkle with breadcrumbs and bake until a ruddy crust appears. Cool the casserole in the form, then turn it over to the dish. Sprinkle with butter, sprinkle with chopped herbs, cut into slices and serve.

Servings: 4

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