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Recipe for Pineapple Jam

  • Pineapples - 1 Kilogram
  • Sugar - 700 Grams
  • Water - 4-5 Glasses

Pineapple jam can be prepared enoughQuickly and easily if you follow the recipe exactly. Therefore, please, get acquainted with the easy step-by-step recipe for making jam from pineapple! Step 1: peel the pineapples. Flesh cut into small pieces and put into a saucepan. Step 2: In another saucepan, cook the sugar syrup and pour the pineapples and leave for 6-8 hours. Then the syrup will need to be drained into a separate pan and boiled, then pour back pineapples to them. Step 3: Pineapple with syrup put on a small fire and cook until the jam is ready. Step 4: Then remove the pan from the heat. Hot jam immediately pour over the sterilized jars, roll them and leave in a dry, warm place upside down under a warm blanket. Step 5: After a day, the pineapple jam is ready!

Servings: 6-7

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