/ / Recipe Shish kebab from rabbit

Recipe Shish kebab from rabbit

  • Rabbit - 1 piece (carcass)
  • Onion - 3-4 pieces
  • Salt, pepper - - To taste
  • Seasonings - - To taste (spices for meat, ground coriander)

Carcass rabbit thoroughly rinsed, driedPaper towel and cut into random pieces, which then can be planted on the skewer. Pieces lay in a comfortable deep dish and add to them salt, pepper, seasoning. It is important not to lose the sense of proportion with spices :) We cut the onions into half-rings. Add it to the meat and salt, so that the onion is allocated juice. We all interfere with our hands. A good "zhmyakayem", so that the marinade is more juicy. Cover and set aside in a cool place to marinate for 3-4 hours. And it's better to do this from the evening and marinate the rabbit all night. Then we prepare the coals and string the rabbit on the skewers. Then fry the shish kebab from the rabbit on uniform coals. And after 20-30 minutes the rabbit acquires an appetizing crust. After that, we are ready to shift the shish kebab to the dish and serve it to the table. Have a nice time :)

Servings: 5

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