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Fashionable knitting for full women with knitting needles and crochet, photos and charts. Knitting patterns for complete: descriptions, schemes

Non-standard forms - not a reason to stay out of the fashion trends. So, we create fashionable knitted things for full women with our own hands using knitting techniques and hooks.

Knitting for full knitting needles: a fashionable cardigan

Cardigan is not only a warm and cozy thing, butAnd incredibly feminine and stylish. In addition, the elongated style of knitted cardigans perfectly conceals all the shortcomings, visually stretching the figure and making even girls with feminine forms more slender and graceful. In addition, the cardigan is a universal piece of the wardrobe, which perfectly combines both business trouser suits and dress-cases, and with clothes for relaxation - jeans and loose tunics. Rukodelnitsam, perfectly owning the knitting technique on knitting needles, we recommend to stop on the trend model of the cardigan waterfall in a noble gray color.

Necessary materials

To create such an elegant autumn image you will need: gray yarn Chiara (700 g), straight and circular needles (№4,5).

Knitting Pattern

  • Facial smoothness: faces. Row - of persons. Loops, loops - is. Loops
  • Wrong surface: faces. Row - new. Hinges, ex. - persons. Loops
  • Eraser: alternate 1 person., 1 out.

Step-by-step instruction

  1. For the tracery pattern, type the following quantityLoops: 8 + 1 + 2 chrome. We knit according to the scheme, where persons are shown. In the no. R. Hinges and nacs knit out. You should start with 1 krome. And loops before the rapport, repeat repeater loops and end with loops after the rapport and 1 chrome. The density of knitting patterns: 26 p. And 34 p. = 10 * 10 cm.
  2. For the backrest and shelves: we collect 323 loops and knit 1 rel. R. Out. N. Then we knit an openwork pattern according to the scheme given above. 55 cm from the set edge, we divide the knitting into the following fragments:
    • For the left and right shelf 65 of the loops
    • For the backrest 193 of the loop.
  3. At the edge of the division of the loops we add one edge loop. All parts are knitted separately, and then, after 24.5 cm from the division, we close the hinges.
  4. When knitting sleeves, we type 91 loops andConnect the rel. R. Out. Afterwards - we continue knitting with an openwork pattern. For bevels, add on both sides in each 18th river. 4 * 1 point, including 119 added loops in the pattern. After 40 cm from the set edge, close the hinges.
  5. To assemble the product, we perform shoulder seams,We take 192 loops with circular knitting needles on the edges of the shelves, cut 48 loops along the neckline of the back of 48 loops, bind all the loops with an elastic band (10 cm), double the each loop in the next row and, after 10 cm, close all the loops according to the scheme.

Crochet for complete crochet: open-work lengthened jacket

Lovers of open-work chic certainly likeAn unusual model of an elongated jacket with an elegant knitted vine on his shoulder. Such a model, perhaps, will not warm in severe frosts, but it will favorably emphasize the individuality of its possessor and her masterful possession of a crochet hook.

Necessary materials

To create this unusual autumn model,Will need: a volumetric yarn of purple color (750 g), a fragmented yarn in the same tones for the vine, hooks No. 5 (for a cardigan), No. 3.5 (for a sheet), No. 2 (for a curl).

Schemes and Patterns

Step-by-step instruction

  1. For the shelf we type hook # 5 56 air loops + 5 lifting loops. We knit the basic pattern directly and after 90 cm we finish the work. Do the same way, and the second shelf.
  2. For the sleeves, we make the shoulder seams. To do this, we knit from the armhole according to the scheme 72 loops + 5 air loops lifting the main pattern straight. At the correct height of the sleeve (approximately 40 cm) - we finish the work.
  3. To assemble the finished product, we perform the seams of the sleevesAnd side seams, we leave on each side incisions of 25 cm. The edges of the product (neck, ends of sleeves, the bottom part) are processed with one row of stitches without a crochet. We connect the shelves with a chain of air loops with a thread in two pieces. Lace the shelves in the upper part or in the middle.
  4. For performance of knitted berries on a decor we typeFrankly colored thread 4 air loops and close them in a ring. In the center of the ring, we sew 10 stitches without a crochet, in the next row we evenly add 5 stitches. Next, we knit 40 stitches without a crochet without adding up.
  5. The ready "berry" is stuffed with sintepon or cotton wool andEvenly reduce the bars by tying 2 stitches without a crochet. Cut the thread, leaving a margin of 15 cm (useful for fixing the thread on the finished product) and sew up the hole. Thus, we make the necessary number of grapes. We knit the sheet according to the scheme number 2. For the curl, with the help of a thin thread, we make the caterpillar "Caterpillar". To the leaf we attach berries and curl.

Knitting for fat: we combine knitting needles and a hook

In winter without a good woolen sweater orPullover - can not do. In addition, the pullover will always set a stylish note to the image and warm it in inclement cold weather. In addition, to create beauty with the help of yarn and spokes in an alliance with a crochet hook - skilled craftswomen will not be so difficult!

Asymmetry is one of the trends of the currentAutumn-winter season. And full beauties, in order to keep up with fashion, can try on a beautiful pullover with an unusual asymmetrical collar that perfectly complements the autumn ensembles for long walks in the parks or to meet friends. A gentle pink-coral color is suitable for almost everyone: both blondes, and brown-haired, and burning brunettes.

Necessary materials

To create a pullover you need: pink-coral yarn Carezza (550 g), circular knitting needles (No. 5,5), knitting hook No. 5, button.

Pattern and Patterns

  • Facial smoothness: facial series - facial loops, purl series - purl loops.
  • The embossed path is made with a width of 10 loops: we knit according to the scheme, in which only the faces are shown. R. In the no. R. Run once from the 1st to the 4th row, then repeat the 3rd and 4th rows.
  • Knitting density: 16 p. And 22 p. = 10 * 10 cm

Step-by-step instruction

  1. For knitting the back of the knitting needles with a "cross" we type 94Loops and distribute them according to the following scheme: 1 chrome., 7 stitches of facial smoothness * 10 stitches of a relief path, 7 stitches of facial smoothness, repeat from 4 times, 1 chrome.
  2. After 8 cm from the tying edge, close to tighten on both sides 1 loop and in each 10th row 4 * 1 loop.
  3. 42 cm from the set edge, we add 1 loop from both sides and in each 8th row 4 * 1 n. = 94 loops.
  4. After 46 cm from the set edge, we knit the facial smoothness.
  5. After 56 cm from the set edge, close for the armhole on both sides of 3 loops, and in each 2-nd row 2 * 2 and 2 * 1 n. = 76 loops.
  6. 24.5 cm from the edge of the armhole, close forCut the neck middle 30 loops, then both sides finish knitting separately. For rounding, from the inner edge, close in the next 2 rows 1 * 2 loops.
  7. 2 cm from the beginning of the neck cut, close the remaining 21 loops.
  8. The front part of the product is knitted like a backrest, but withA deeper cutout under the neck. To do this, after 14 cm from the beginning of the armhole, close the middle 14 loops, and then in each 2-rd row 1 * 3, 1 * 2 and 2 * 1 loop, in each 4-row - 3 * 1 loop.
  9. For sleeves on spokes we type 46 loops and knitFacial smoothness. After 9 cm from the tying edge, we add 1 loop for the bevel on each side, and in each 8th row 5 * 1 n., In each 6th row - 4 * 1 n. = 66 loops. After 40 cm from the tying edge, we close the hoses for the sleeves on both sides with 3 loops and in each 2nd row 2 * 2, 6 * 1, 2 * 2 and 2 * 3 n. After 17 cm from the beginning of the pellet, we close the remaining 20 loops.
  10. To assemble the finished product, we make humeral andLateral seams. Then, on the neckline, we draw on the circular knitting needles from the inside of 90 loops, starting at a distance of 4 cm to the middle of the transfer and ending at a distance of 4 cm after the middle of the front part, so that the gate lies 8 cm overlap. We knit 20 cm front surface and loops freely. The edge of the gates is tied with a hook 1 p. Art. B / n, and from the edge of the right side of the collar we make a buttonhole. For this, we loop through 3 loops and connect 5 free loops. We sew the sleeves, stick the button and perform the seams of the sleeves.
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