/ Summer crochet hooks for toddler, circuit. Master-class on knitting of summer children's pinets by hook.

Summer booties crocheted for the baby, outline. Master-class on knitting of summer children's pinets by hook.

  • Yarn Semenovskaya, cotton 47%, viscose 53%. Color: purple for the base fabric, for the back of the pinets - mixed yarn of three shades (purple, blue, white), for ropes - white yarn. Consumption - 30 grams
  • Density of the main mating: 2 loops per 1 cm.
  • Tools: hook №3, needle knitted, scissors
  • Measurement: 10 cm

Summer baby crochets for kids - step by step instruction

We suggest you tie the summer booties to the crochet forChildren from 0 to 3 months. In our master class, an example of boys' pinets is shown. For girls, it is better to change the color of the yarn from purple to more tender - pink or white.

On a note! Knit booties for summer crochet for babies up to 3 months is better from multi-threaded yarn, which is good for air and warm enough at the same time.

Boot sole

  1. We begin knitting from the sole, which should be dense, but soft and even.

  2. We dial 10 air loops and three lifting loops,Put the hook in the fourth loop from the end, and begin to knit the first row of the sole: two columns with one cuff in one loop, eight sticks with one crochet, seven sticks with one cuff in one loop, eight sticks with one crochet, two stitches with one cuff In one loop, connecting loop. Then we knit the second row according to the scheme, so that in the end we have 36 loops.

Main part

  1. We type 2 lifting loops and bind the soleColumns with a crochet. The working thread is pulled through the back of the main loops. This is done deliberately to rotate the binding up from the sole. Like the circumference of the sole, the number of loops remains also 36.
  2. Next, we knit openwork holes. And in the front of the booties - where there is a toe, holes must be knit, passing one loop. Then we cut off the thread and fix it.

  3. Such openwork holes should be tied in two rows, the openwork will go with a shift in one loop.

  4. For the tongue of the booties, we sew 10 loops with columns without crochets from the side of the cape.

  5. Next, we bind to the main multicolor thread andKnit the remaining parts of the bootie with the crochet. In total it is necessary to tie three rows, but so that the tongue of the shoe is lower, and a little "leaves" for the sides.

  6. The sole of the booties is tied with arches - five air loops in one loop, the next loop is passed.

  7. We bind the tongue of the booties with a white thread.

  8. We pull the white string into the holes between the posts at the level of the middle of the tongue and tie a bow.

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