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Cream Charlotte Recipe

Decoration for dessert Cream "Charlotte" - brewedCream on eggs or yolks without flour, which is good for a layer of biscuit cakes, decorating cakes and pastries, because it is tender, airy and perfectly holds the shape. Thanks to this, using a pastry syringe and various nozzles, you can decorate any confectionery product without problems. Adding a little cognac to the cream improves its taste.

  • Butter 200 g
  • Sugar 4 tbsp. L.
  • Milk 6 tbsp. L.
  • Eggs chicken 2 pcs.
  • Cognac 1 tbsp. L.
  • Step 1 To prepare the cream "Charlotte" we need butter, eggs, milk, sugar, cognac.
  • Step 2 Combine sugar and milk. Boil.
  • Step 3 Eggs lightly beat.
  • Step 4 Pour the hot milk into the eggs, stirring all the time.
  • Step 5 Pour the egg mixture into a saucepan and bring the mixture to a boil, stirring all the time. But do not boil.
  • Step 6 Cover the mixture with a food film so that it touches the surface of the cream. Cool to a temperature of 22 ° C.
  • Step 7 Whip the oil to a lush mass (5-6 minutes).
  • Step 8 Add chilled egg mass in portions, whisking all the time.
  • Step 9 In the end, stir cognac.
  • Step 10 The cream is ready.
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