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Recipe for Rye bread

  • The water is warm - 250 milliliters
  • Wheat flour - 125 Grams
  • Rye flour - 180 Grams
  • Dry yeast - 2 teaspoons
  • Apple vinegar - 1 teaspoon
  • Salt - 1 teaspoon
  • Sugar - 45 Grams
  • Starch - 1 st. a spoon

Bread is the head for everything. And from time immemorial, bread was always baked at home, buying bread at a store or a bakery was considered a bad form for a long time. Today, when the townspeople have no time at all for anything, almost all bread is bought in supermarkets - and this is normal. Our family also buys bread in the store. However, from time to time we pay tribute to traditions and bake bread ourselves - at least every two weeks. The aroma filling the apartment when baking bread, words can not describe - it creates a special atmosphere of home comfort, friendship, unity ... Well, how delicious rye bread cooked at home - you can not imagine :) So I recommend at least occasionally Bake bread at home. It's tasty and interesting. A simple recipe for rye bread will help you in this. So, how to make rye bread at home: 1. All the ingredients, except flour, are bred in water. 2. Add to the resulting mixture, using a mixer, knead the dough. 3. The resulting dough is covered with a towel and sent to a warm place for at least 3 hours. Less is impossible - otherwise you will not get bread, but a wooden crust that can be nailed with nails. 4. After three hours with greased vegetable oil, you need to crumble our dough again. 5. We spread the dough into a rectangular baking dish, greased with vegetable oil. We do not put it in the oven! Cover the form with a towel and send it to a warm place for another hour. 6. Heat the oven to 180 degrees. To form a crust, sprinkle the dough with vegetable oil, send the form with the dough into a preheated oven and bake for about 50 minutes. If during baking the top starts to burn, and inside the dough is still damp - cover with foil. Actually, that's all. Now you know how to bake rye bread at home. Bon Appetit! ;)

Servings: 8

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