/ How to wash baby clothes?

How to wash baby clothes?

We all know that the main active ingredientAny washing powder is PAV. Such substances are very dangerous, because when they get into the living organism, there is a violation of biochemical processes in the cells of the body, which leads to destruction. Scientists have discovered that surfactants destroy vital enzymes and destroy the metabolic processes of proteins, carbohydrates and fats in the body. The most dangerous powders are those that contain anionic PAV in their composition. When ingested in children's body, such substances cause various complications:

  • Interfere with the normal functioning of the immune system;
  • Affect various organs: liver, brain, kidney and others;
  • Lead to the development of allergic reactions.

This is why practically in all countries of EuropeIt is forbidden to sell such powders. Already for several decades, it is allowed to sell only tepidots that do not contain phosphate additives.

Phosphate additives are no less dangerous for childrenOrganism than surfactant. They can penetrate the child's organization even without the presence of damage to the skin. Getting inside, phosphates lead to dehydration of the skin of the baby, which is why the barrier function of the skin is reduced and cell membranes are destroyed. Having penetrated the body, phosphates can lead to a violation of blood properties. Also, the immunity of crumbs will decrease because of phospholipids. Therefore, parents should carefully select the washing powder for washing children's things.

Most parents use washingPowders, they believe that in the machine all harmful substances are rinsed well from the clothes of the baby. But this is netak. The more complex the structure of the tissue, the more molecules of surfactants remain in the tissue fibers, even after prolonged and thorough rinsing.

Most washing powder remains in suchTypes of fabric: woolen and half-woolen, as well as in cotton fabrics. Molecules of surfactants can be stored on tissue fibers for up to five days. This can cause an intoxication of the organism.

Powder Packaging

When purchasing a powder for children, be sure toAttention to the packaging. If the powder of good quality, then on the package will indicate its entire composition. Pay attention to the presence / absence in the powder of surfactant. If they are present, do not ever take it. Also, refuse to buy that powder, which has not been specified for packing, because everything can be inside the package. And you do not know how such components will affect the health of your baby's body. Such powders can cause dermatitis, the appearance of eczema, ulcers and the like.

Unfortunately, not all manufacturers conscientiouslyIndicate the complete composition of the powder. However, there is one indication by which you can determine whether there is a surfactant in the powder. More often, the more foam is formed from the powder, the higher the concentration of surfactants in it.

Features of the selection of baby powder

Many parents are lost in the choice of a childWashing powder. And this is not surprising, because the range of these products is very wide. Therefore it is very important to know how to choose the right powder. When choosing the following factors should be noted:

  • Hypoallergenicity. As part of a good infant powder should not containactive chemicals. The skin of a baby is 12 times more sensitive than ours, so the children's organism reacts much more quickly to chemical stimuli. The child can have atopic dermatitis and other allergic diseases.
  • The naturalness of the composition. The most important thing in children's powder is the natural ingredients in the composition. When rinsing, all components should be washed out so as not to irritate the baby's skin. It is for this criterion that dermatologists determine which powder is better.
  • Softness in the care. Children's laundry detergent should not have a sharp odor. Also, it should dissolve well in water, do not form lumps and get used to clothes should not leave any traces of the powder. If your baby was just born, then buy only that powder, which on the packaging has the mark "powder for newborns."

The best children's laundry detergents

PowderAiston, Extra-software containing Aloe Vera

This powder is designed for washing childrenLinen in any washing machine. Also it can be used for manual washing. Aistenok suitable for washing of all types of fabrics, except silk and wool. It is created on the basis of a child's soap, so that the powder is easily rinsed and leaves no trace of clothing. Aloe Vera extract, contained in powder, has an emollient, anti-allergic and soothing effect on the baby's skin.

Thanks to its unique formula, powderPerfectly handles even the most difficult contaminations on children's clothing: with greasy stains, with protein spots, the footprints of milk, butter, cocoa and the like. With hard-to-remove stains, this powder copes even at a water temperature of 35 degrees.

Children's laundry powder Tide with extract of a bottle

This powder refers to a synthetic detergentMeans, and it is designed for washing children's things in a washing machine. Tide can wash all things, except for silk and woolen. The formula is specially formulated for sensitive skin and approved by dermatologists. A special formula of the powder protects the washing machine from the formation of calcareous plaque.

Children's washing powder Eared nannies

Such a powder is suitable for washing clothesNewborn baby. It is good for washing away from the milk mixtures, feces, juices, baby food, cereals, mashed potatoes and the like. Powder fights with stains even in cold water, while not damaging the fibers. Therefore, the appearance of things will not change even after a number of washings.

Baby washing powder Baby Sitter

This powder belongs to the elite brands. It is specially designed for washing clothes, and its composition is designed taking into account the specifics of children's spots. Sozhestvost is absolutely safe for the baby's body. It is suitable for children with sensitive skin. Reviews about this powder are very good. All mothers using Baby Sitter powder claim that it copes well with spinners even without pre-soaking clothes. This effect is achieved through biocomplex additives, which at the molecular level cleave the contamination, and then remove them from clothing. Also, the powder preserves the colors of the fabric well, gives the clothes softness and a pleasant strawberry flavor.

Baby washing powder Amway

This powder is suitable for washing clothesNewborn babies. It perfectly removes all the specific children's clothes from clothes very easily without any effort. Children's clothes washed with such a powder are disinfected and disinfected. The chemical composition of the powder is absolutely safe for the skin and health of the crumbs. The powder can be used for both manual and machine washing.

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