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Recipe Liqueur "Baileys"

We prepare the liqueur "Baileys" at homeCreamy liqueur - Baileys Irish Cream - was invented on November 26, 1974 in the suburb of Dublin. In 1970, the company Gilbeys of Ireland decided to create an alcoholic beverage: unusual, delicious, not very strong and natural. Thanks to experiments and efforts, a refined liqueur was created. In the first year of production, 72,000 bottles were produced. Nowadays you can buy Baileys in 169 countries. Baileys gives tenderness, warmth and sweetness. It is good on its own, with ice, as an ingredient in cocktails and as an addition to coffee, as it not only replaces sugar and cream, but gives coffee a unique flavor. I suggest one of the variants of a home liqueur based on condensed milk. From this quantity of ingredient, about 1 liter of beverage is obtained. It is not as thick as the original, but also perfect for coffee, frozen or for impregnating cakes.

  • Condensed milk 1 pot
  • Vodka 180 ml
  • Instant coffee 2 tsp.
  • Milk chocolate 200 ml
  • Cream 200 ml
  • Step 1 We will need: vodka, condensed milk, coffee, chocolate milk and cream (20% fat content).
  • Step 2 Pour the condensed milk into the blender bowl.
  • Step 3 Add cream to it.
  • Step 4 Then the chocolate milk.
  • Step 5 Then vodka and instant coffee.
  • Step 6 Whisk everything with a submerged blender until smooth. Refrigerate and serve to coffee, ice cream, or as an independent drink with ice.
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