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Recipe Cocktail "Martini Cream"

  • Cranberry juice - 60 Grams (fresh or canned)
  • Cranberry vodka - 60 Grams (home or purchased)
  • Syrup "Grenadine" - 15 Grams (or any pomegranate syrup)
  • Sugar syrup - 15 grams
  • Mint - 8 Pieces (leaves)

1. Prepare a sufficient amount of sugar syrup in advance. To obtain the syrup, equal parts of water and sugar-sand are mixed in a saucepan and brought to a boil. When the syrup cools down, it can be used in cocktails. 2. This cocktail is perfect for any ready-made cranberry juice, which can be bought in supermarkets. 3. Fill the shaker with ice, pour into it vodka, Grenadine, syrup, juice and 7 mint leaves, carefully crushed. Strongly mix the ingredients. 4. Prepare a triangular martini glass and the remaining mint leaves for decoration. To do this, cool the glass in the fridge, and put a mint leaf on the palm of one hand, and another strongly slam it from above to release essential oils. 5. Pour the finished beverage into a glass and gently place a mint leaf on top.

Servings: 1

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