/ Recipe Duck crispy with cheese

Recipe Duck crispy with cheese

  • Vegetable oil - 5 items. Spoons
  • Duck - 1 piece
  • Coriander - 1 teaspoon
  • Parmesan - 200 Grams
  • Mustard Dijon - 50 Grams
  • Cayenne Pepper - 1 Pinch
  • Salts - 1 st. a spoon

1. We wash the duck, we dry it. Carefully remove the remaining feathers. Large pieces of fat are also removed. Boil the water, put the duck in a strainer (can be in the sink), and pour boiling water, slowly, about a minute. Then for 30 minutes let it dry. Then again, treat it with boiling water. We rub with salt, leave for 30 minutes. 2. A small knife or needle pierce the skin of a duck, try not to damage the meat. We make about 30-40 punctures. 3. Warm up the vegetable oil in a small saucepan, add cayenne pepper, warm up for about 20 seconds. Remove from the fire, we pour into another dish, let it cool. Constantly whipping, we introduce a little mustard. Add the ground coriander. 4. Lubricate the received marinade inside and outside the duck. For 2 hours we put in the refrigerator. We put in a preheated oven, the temperature is 130 degrees. We lay the duck on the grate, we put a pan under the grate. Bake for 1.5 hours, after turning the duck, and bake for another 1.5 hours. 5. Grate the cheese, pull out the duck, sprinkle cheese, and for 30 minutes we send it back to the oven. 6. Duck is ready, bon appetit!

Servings: 2

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