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What to wear on New Year's Eve-2016, to be the most beautiful?

What to wear for the New Year monkey?

Traditional New Year's dresses areEvening dresses and costumes. The Year of the Monkey in this regard will not be an exception. Although the wayward nature of this animal allows for some extravagance and eccentricity in the image. Therefore, ladies can safely choose between classic evening dresses and models with asymmetrical cutouts, decorated with rhinestones or feathers.

As for the length of the outfit, the most relevantThis winter will be the maxi dress. Dresses can be chosen with both long sleeves and one-shoulder models. Suitable for a New Year's Eve and short cocktail dresses in combination with bright accessories. The coming year of the Monkey, so "appease" the patroness will be possible with the help of jewelry made of natural materials: stones, wood, metal.

What colors to wear for the New Year 2016?

According to the Chinese calendar, we are waiting for a yearMonkeys, so first of all the actual blue color palette will be. In addition, the monkey is an omnivorous animal, so you should not forget about the green shades in the attire. Therefore, you can safely take one of these two colors as the basis for a New Year's costume or combine them with each other. Suits and outfits of the traditional goat color: white, gray and black.

Preference is better not to give a one-colorDresses, and clothes of combined colors, with ornaments and drawings. If you really believe the signs, then pay attention to the green dresses with floral patterns, because such an outfit will definitely have to Kose's taste.

What fabrics and materials will be relevant in the New Year 2016?

Give preference to natural materials andNatural fabrics. Suitable silk, cotton, leather, wool. This is the main trend not only of New Year's Eve, but also of 2016. Wool dresses or tunics can be perfectly combined with tight leather leggings. Add a similar image and make it a truly New Year help right accessories. Choose bright wooden jewelry, a massive rough chain or a mysterious lace mask and your outfit will play with new holiday colors!

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