/ / Fashion sunglasses 2016. Actual models of sunglasses in 2016, photo.

Fashion sunglasses 2016. Actual models of sunglasses in 2016, photo.

Fashionable sunglasses 2016: the main trends

In the past seasons, there were lenses in the trendMostly large and very large, which can not be said about the trends of 2016. Actual will be medium-sized and even very narrow glasses. But at the same time large glasses remain in the trend and are not going to take the lead. Invariably this summer, at the height of popularity will be and retro models, maternity hospital from the 60's and 80's.

As for color solutions, in 2016Fashion is everything that goes specifically to every girl. Glasses with mirror glass are still in the lead. However, black, smoky and translucent lenses will not become less popular. The color of the frame basically repeats the shade of the glass. By the way, fashionable sunglasses 2016 are made in a minimalist style. Occasionally there are models decorated with rhinestones or pebbles, but mostly fashionable glasses are made without excesses.

Popular models of sunglasses spring-summer 2016

As in the past year, round-shaped glasses will takeLeading positions among sunscreen models. Of course, this is not the same as John Lennon: the trend is more voluminous and large form with an exquisite design. The plastic frame gives an ironic expression to the person that is relevant for sunglasses in 2016. The brightest and most extravagant women of fashion should definitely look at the round reflecting glasses.

Cult retroovariants "cat's eyes" and"Dragonflies" will continue to be popular in the summer of 2016. In the coming season, their design design promises to be even more interesting. The preference is given to a large colored frame with dark glasses. In this case, design and design are more important than form. The avant-garde forms of sunglasses create a unique appearance, distracting attention from the facial features. In this case, the image should be supported by catchy accessories, plastic bracelets and even the original clothing cut.

And, of course, there will be "aviators" in the trend. It seems that this style will never go out of fashion. A perfect solution for conservative girls who are not enthralled by cardinal changes, even when it comes to accessories. Aviators glasses are stylistically versatile, which means that they can be used more actively and more often than any other styles. At the same time, the owner of the accessory may not worry, the old-fashioned one will not be accurately named.

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