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Recipe Drink from Tarragona

Home Tarhun At many on a summer residence or приусадебномA special kind of wormwood grows - the tarragon, which in the people is called the more familiar name of the tarhun. And many townspeople do not even suspect that this is the name of the grass, and not just a carbonated beverage of poisonous green color. Tarhun is used in cooking in different ways: fresh leaves can be added to salads, served to fish, vegetables, cheese, rub them with a bird or meat before baking. Dried tarchun is used as a seasoning for soups, added to cans for home canning vegetables, as well as in vinegar, so that it becomes fragrant. But we will still return to our favorite drink and try to cook it ourselves. Home tarkhun has a lot of advantages over that which is bottled on plastic bottles in production. Firstly, it is more useful, because it is prepared from fresh grass and does not contain any dyes and other "charms". Secondly, it is more delicious and it can be cooked to your taste, putting more or less sugar. Thirdly, you can prepare as much a drink as you want, and drink it in the heat without restrictions. And, finally, the tarhun is prepared simply and quickly, it does not need to be cooked, and then wait until it cools down.

  • Tarragon (tarragon) Fresh 200 g
  • Lemon 1 pc.
  • Lime 1 pc.
  • Sugar 1 tbsp. L.
  • Water boiled 400 ml
  • Step 1 To prepare this drink you will need a large bunch of tarragon, lemon, lime and sugar.
  • Step 2 Tarkhun is well washed and torn.
  • Step 3 Add half a cup of boiled cold water, lemon and lime juice and 1 tbsp. L. Sugar and it's good to mash everything with a madder or to chop the greens in a blender.
  • Step 4 Then strain the juice and squeeze well the greens.
  • Step 5 Dilute the prepared juice with cold boiled water until the desired consistency (approximately juice to water 1/4) and if necessary, add sugar to taste. Serve the drink in a glass with ice slices.
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