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Recipe Pie with custard "Kish"

  • Bacon - 3 grams (long pieces)
  • Eggs - 6 pieces
  • Milk - 100 milliliters
  • Smoked ham - 1 + 1/2 cups
  • Cheddar cheese - 1 Glass (grated)
  • Green onions - 1/2 cups (finely chopped)

Fry the bacon until crispy. Cool and finely chop. Preheat the oven. Lubricate the ceramic baking dish with margarine. Beat eggs in a bowl and pour into a baking dish. Add milk and mix. Add slices of smoked ham and mix well. Grate the cheese and mix it with the egg-and-meat mixture. Chop and add a green onion. Sprinkle with the previously fried bacon. Bake in the oven for 50 minutes. Check the preparedness of the pie can be a toothpick. Having pierced it with a pie, it must remain dry.

Servings: 4

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