/ / Prescription Jam from rose petals

Prescription Jam from rose petals

  • Rose petals - 400 Grams
  • Sugar - 1 Kilogram
  • Citric Acid - 1 Teaspoon
  • Water - 1,25 cups

Fragrant jam from the petals of roses I am veryI love! It's so feminine and romantic, and it's just getting ready! Moreover, such jam is very useful for health. Rose petals contain vitamins A, B, C and K, minerals. How to cook jam from rose petals? 1. Cut off the petals from the rose so that the white part of the petals remains on the peduncle. Clean the petals with water, allow the water to drain, spread on a clean towel and lightly dry. 2. Then put the clean, dried petals in an enamel pan and sprinkle half the sugar (500 g). 3. Dilute a teaspoon of citric acid in a quarter of a glass of water, add to the sugar-pinched petals and mix again. Leave the petals infused for 6 hours. 4. Cook the syrup from the remaining sugar. To do this, add a glass of water to the sugar and bring to a boil. 5. With a hot syrup pour the petals and cook over low heat until cooked. 6. Put the prepared jam into clean sterilized jars and roll it. Bon Appetit! By the way, you can strain the prepared jam and choose petals. They can be added to the filling of confectionery or make a pink liqueur. Just pour the petals with vodka and insist for a month.

Servings: 10

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