/ Original table setting for the New Year.

The original laying of the New Year's table.

How to make a table for the new year

First you need to decide what color schemeObjects of serving will be selected. The main New Year colors are red, white and green. It's hard to say why, it's probably the colors of the Santa Claus suit and the main New Year tree, or maybe for some other reason, but these colors are used most often for serving New Year's table. Each year, according to the eastern calendar, one of 12 animals accompanies each year and astrologers advise the colors with which it is desirable to meet the coming year. It will be interesting if the color scheme of the table is selected according to their recommendations. In general, if you want to depart from conventions and platitudes, then you can give a step to your fantasy and do something delightful.

So, after you have decided on the color you needDecide on a tablecloth. This can be a tablecloth for the whole table, or small rugs for each person personally. It will be original, if the backs of chairs decorate in the tone of the tablecloth.

We select in stages

Next is the choice of napkins. Napkins can be used woven or paper. As for paper, their choice in supermarkets of any city can only be envied. But if you decide to use woven fabrics and if you own the skill of embroidery, you can embroider something original or sew, for example, a bell or a piece of tinsel.

Dishes. Of course, buying a new set of dishes for the New Year's Eve will be costly, you can use your daily dishes, but decorate it with something interesting. For example, you can put a snowflake or a twig of pine needles on each plate bought in the store.

Glasses can be beautifully painted with white or gold thin lines, decorated with sequins, made a sugar edging or tied something on a leg.

As for the decoration of the table itself, hereThe options are endless. Candles, spruce branches, cones, small Christmas trees, grandfathers frosts, snowmen or other New Year's attributes. The main thing is not to admit a certain mistake and not put on the table, what you liked, do not overdo it with decorations, so that the table does not look too jaunty and loaded.

If you put all this beauty on the table, andPlaces for eating almost no left, then you can consider several options. For serving dishes, you can use a side table or transfer meals in a circle. By the way, the dishes themselves can also be decorated similarly to decorating plates.

Do not overdo the color scheme, limit to two or three colors and stick to the chosen theme.

Remember that regardless of the table layout andDecoration in the house, the mood and atmosphere will depend mainly on the cordiality of the owners. Meet the guests with a smile and a good mood. We are sure that guests will notice and appreciate your work and your invested soul, and your designer skills will be judged on merit. Let the holiday be a success, let the sounds of fun flow from the glasses. Happiness and joy in the new year!

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