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Channing recipe from apples

Apple Chutney Sauce - Indian condiment is usually inForm of sweet and sour sauce from fruits, spices and spices. I suggest to try the apple variant, which harmoniously shades the taste of roasted chicken meat. For cooking are suitable for almost any kind of hard apples. I instructed to cook the chutneys for the bread maker, and traditionally they are simply cooked in a saucepan on the stove for about 1 hour on medium heat.

  • Apple 800g
  • Apple vinegar 100 ml
  • Onions 1 pc.
  • Garlic 1 denticle
  • Fresh ginger 10 g
  • Mustard in seeds 1 g
  • Sugar 100 g
  • Coriander ground 2 g
  • Cinnamon sticks 1 stick
  • Chili powder 1 g
  • Salt 1 pinch
  • Step 1 For cooking chutney, prepare apples, onions, sugar, ginger, apple cider vinegar, spices and spices.
  • Step 2 Root the fresh ginger root and clove of garlic with sodium and prepare the necessary amount of sugar, cinnamon, grain mustard, vinegar, coriander, chili, salt.
  • Step 3 Grind the onion and cut the apples into cubes.
  • Step 4 Load the apples into the container and all the other ingredients and set the "jam" mode.
  • Step 5 After about 1 hour, the chutney of apples is ready. This sauce is perfectly combined with fried chicken meat, for example, chicken breasts repelled.
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