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Cake Souffle Recipe

  • Sugar - 1 glass
  • Sour cream - 300 Grams
  • Cottage cheese or curd cakes - 300 Grams
  • Gelatin - 1 st. a spoon
  • Shortbread cookie - 100 Grams
  • Banana - 1 piece
  • Grated chocolate for decoration - To taste

Cake souffle is incredibly tender,Airy and easy. Preparation: Grind the sugar to a consistency of powder. Beat up sugar and sour cream. Stir the cheese with a fork until smooth consistency or mix in a blender. Add the cottage cheese into the sour cream and beat with a mixer until smooth. Pour a thin trickle of dissolved gelatin while continuing to beat. Lay the cookies in a split shape with a diameter of 22 cm. Place banana slices on top and pour over the prepared soufflé. Put in the refrigerator for 6-8 hours. During this time, the souffle should be well frozen, and the biscuits soak. Remove the form and sprinkle the cake with grated chocolate.

Servings: 8-12

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