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Recipe Beans in pots

  • Beans - 1 glass (or 200 g)
  • Water - 750 Milliliters
  • Bulb - 1 piece
  • Carrot - 1 piece
  • Bulgarian pepper - 1 piece
  • Tomato puree - 2 st. Spoons
  • Dried mint - 1 Art. Spoon (or a couple of leaves fresh.)
  • Vegetable oil - 3 items. Spoons
  • Dried paprika - 2 teaspoons
  • Salt - - To taste

How to cook beans in pots? I propose a detailed step-by-step recipe: 1. So, first rinse and browse the beans. It is advisable to pour it overnight with cold water or hours at 8. 2. Pour the water from the beans, put the beans in a saucepan, add three cups of water. Boil it. Remove foam and cook over low heat for about an hour. 3. Rinse the Bulgarian pepper and carrots, brush them, and also onions. Cut everything finely. 4. Add chopped vegetables to the beans and cook for another half an hour. 5. When vegetables and beans are cooked, add tomato puree, mint, paprika and vegetable oil to the pan. Pepper. 6. All the mixing, transfer to pots and send to the oven, heated to 200 for 30-40 minutes, until all the liquid evaporates and a ruddy crust is formed. The beans in the pots are ready! On the table you can serve directly in pots with sour cream. Bon Appetit!

Servings: 2

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